Graduate Freshers’ Form

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Please complete the form below as soon as possible and before 1 September at the latest. Completing this form is mandatory.

Please tell us the date you plan to arrive (day and month
— e.g. 28 September).

Personal data

The ways in which Balliol processes your personal data while you are a student, including our lawful basis for processing, are explained in the Balliol College Privacy Policy, which includes the Balliol College Academic Privacy Policy. This document explains that as a student some of your data may be processed for the purposes of legitimate interests, including the publication of the Balliol College Annual Record.

As a Fresher your name will be included in the Annual Record in the lists of all first-year undergraduates and graduates. Please note that these lists will include the name of your school or previous institution, which you gave us as an applicant. If you would prefer this information not to be published, please advise the Graduate Administrator

Please confirm that you have read and understood the Privacy Policy: 

Photography for Balliol publicity materials

From time to time Balliol commissions still or film photography to be taken, or receives submissions of photographs or film from College Members, for use in the College’s publicity materials. Please indicate whether or not you consent to any such images in which you appear being used for College publicity materials.

Balliol’s publicity materials include the College’s printed publications (which may also be published online), its website and its social media accounts: there is more information at www​.bal​li​ol​.ox​.ac​.uk/​p​u​b​l​i​c​i​t​y​-​m​a​t​e​rials. If you give consent, you have the option to withdraw it at any time by contacting the Publications and Web Officer, Details about the use and storage of photographs/film footage are available at www​.bal​li​ol​.ox​.ac​.uk/​i​m​a​g​e​-​p​olicy.

Annual record results

Balliol produces an Annual Record each year which is the official review of the College year, published in autumn. It includes the Master’s Letter, lists of new members and achievements, reports of the activities of the sports and societies, and obituaries, as well as book reviews and specially commissioned articles.

The Record also lists students who have received scholarships or prizes, those who have received distinction classification, and those who have graduated with research degrees.

Please indicate whether or not you consent to any such information, which applies to you, being used in the Annual Record.

SpLD, disability or long-term health condition

Please tell us whether you have a specific learning difficulty (SpLD), disability or long-term health condition that may affect your work or life at Balliol, and which you have not already disclosed at application stage. We encourage you to let us know early because it can take a while to implement support and we would want you to take full advantage of the help available. This includes exam adjustments – these need to be organised a term before the exam takes place so early disclosure is important.

The University of Oxford is committed to making reasonable adjustments to enable students with SpLDs, long-term health conditions or a disability which meets the Equality Action 2010 criteria to participate fully in student life. In order to provide support, relevant departments and colleges of the University may share information about your needs. Information will be shared on a need-to-know basis with people in relevant departments and colleges, such as departmental and academic administrators, lecturers and tutors who will teach you, and relevant library and support staff.

The graduate Freshers’ Dinner will be on Friday 6 October 2023. Drinks in the Buttery at 7.00pm will be followed by dinner in Hall at 7.45pm. Attendance is mandatory for all Freshers joining Balliol for the first time. If you are a Balliol returner, attendance is not compulsory but you are warmly encouraged to attend. 

Dress code for the dinner is smart (i.e. suits/dresses, but not black tie) and gowns are not worn.

The dinner is for graduate Freshers only, due to number restrictions, partners are not invited.

Please confirm whether you will be attending:

Dietary requirements
If you will be attending the Freshers’ Dinner, please tell us whether or not you have any dietary requirements:
If you answered ‘special diet’ above, please supply more information