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Undergraduate Admissions

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If you are considering applying to Balliol, the pages in this section have a great deal of useful information for you. If you still have questions once you have explored them, please contact the Undergraduate Admissions Team at undergraduate@​balliol.​ox.​ac.​uk.

Please see also our undergraduate course pages.

If you are a prospective student or a teacher, and might be interested in participating in an event at Balliol to inform and inspire your journey to higher education, please see our pages on Schools and Outreach.

You can see an overview of the College in our undergraduate prospectus.

Undergraduate Admissions team

Dr Walker oversees all the College’s Undergraduate Admissions activity.

Katie and Vicky manage the technical elements and practical arrangements of the Undergraduate Admissions exercise and are the first point of contact for applicants and their schools with enquiries about the procedure for making applications, and the way in which applications are considered. 

Pravahi works with schools to help encourage and support able students apply to Oxford University: for more information, see the Schools and Outreach web pages