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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Balliol have any scholarships for graduates?

Yes, our provision of graduate scholarships is among the largest and most generous of all the colleges. You can see the scholarships currently offered on our scholarships page.

If I want to come to Balliol College, how do I apply?

To come to Balliol as a graduate student, you must first be admitted by the relevant faculty or department for the degree you will be undertaking. See the University website for the application form and procedure. There is a place on the application form where you can express a college preference, and you should name Balliol there. Your application is considered by the faculty or department, and if they offer you a place at Oxford your details will be passed on to your first-choice college. When Balliol receives your dossier, we will make a decision about whether or not to offer you a place here.

Does Balliol College accept applications for my subject?

Consult the ‘courses available’ tab on the University graduate admissions college page.

How will Balliol College make a decision about my application?

When we receive your dossier, it is considered by the College tutors whose academic interests are closest to your own. They will make a recommendation to the Tutor for Graduate Admissions, who makes a final decision in the light of the overall competition for graduate places and balance among subjects.

How will I be told the outcome of my application?

You will hear from us directly, normally by email, if we are able to offer you a place. Our offer letter will explain what you need to do in order to confirm your place and you will also be told whether or not we can offer you a room in College. The dossiers of unsuccessful applicants are passed on to the University for consideration by other colleges.

Do I have to meet any conditions to be admitted to Balliol?

You will be required by us to meet any academic conditions set by your faculty or department. In addition, you will have to provide the College with proof that you have funding or a satisfactory declaration that you are able to support yourself during your degree course at Oxford.

What sort of proof of funding will the College need?

If your degree will be funded by a grant from a funding council or other organisation, we will need a copy of documentary evidence for the award. If your degree is going to be financed from your own resources, or your family’s, we will need proof, in the form of a letter from a bank, accountant or lawyer, that you have sufficient funds. Further information on acceptable evidence is available here.

Can graduates earn money to help fund their studies while in Oxford?

The College cannot accept the intention of finding a job as proof of funding for a degree course. There are some limited opportunities for finding paid employment in the University, but many academic supervisors strongly recommend that students concentrate full-time on their study or research, and do not take on paid work on the side.

What accommodation is available to successful applicants?

Oxford University postgraduates are not guaranteed accommodation. Balliol is able to offer accommodation in the form of single study bedrooms for sole occupancy only to the majority of first year graduate students, usually in the Graduate Centre. First year students whom we cannot initially accommodate are placed on a waiting list and allocated rooms if they become available. All graduate students in the second or later years of their degree course can participate in a ballot for College accommodation in the Graduate Centre. If a student accepts College accommodation they will be entering into a tenancy agreement (see the graduate accommodation page for the terms and conditions). 

The University’s Graduate Accommodation office can also assist graduate students with accommodation. It lets and manages rooms, flats and houses in and around Oxford city centre, on sites owned by the University, to full-time graduate students. It has limited information on private accommodation, available on request. See also the Oxford SU website.

Does Balliol have accommodation for couples?

Unfortunately we are not able to offer accommodation for couples or families. If you require such accommodation, the University’s Graduate Accommodation offfice (see above) may be able to help you find something appropriate.