Classics (Literae Humaniores)

Classics at Balliol College

Balliol is in every way one of the biggest Classics colleges in Oxford. We are unusual in having Fellows in all four of the main areas of the subject; a large, vibrant, and cohesive community of undergraduates (as well as postgraduates); a college library with one of the best Classics collections in Oxford; and plenty of opportunities to participate in the wider life of the subject, including Classics societies, and travel grants.  

Number of places at Balliol: 7-8.


Associate Professor, Clarendon University Lecturer, Fellow and Tutor in Ancient Greek Language and Literature
Matthew Robinson
Associate Professor, Fairfax Fellow and Tutor in Latin Literature
Stefan Sienkiewicz
Career Development Fellow in Ancient Philosophy
Rosalind Thomas
Professor of Greek History, Dyson-Macgregor Fellow, Jowett Lecturer and Tutor in Ancient History
Tobias Allendorf
Departmental Lecturer in Latin Literature
Dr Enrico Emanuele Prodi
Lecturer in Greek and Latin Language
Charles Smith
Lecturer in Ancient History

About the course

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Course requirements and selection criteria

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