Balliol Old Common Room dining room (photo: Rob Judges)


Fine dining for everyone to enjoy

At Balliol, everyone is welcome to join us for an unforgettable dining experience. Our doors have been open to host an array of events, from family celebrations to lively soirées for local businesses, elegant wedding receptions, international conference dinners, and much more. Whether it’s an intimate gathering or a grand banquet, we guarantee a dining experience you’ll never forget.

Our outstanding cuisine is crafted with pride and served with the highest level of service, and our clients can attest to the quality of our work. We are honoured to receive high praise from our satisfied clients, and we strive to continuously exceed expectations. Join us at Balliol, and let us make your next dining event an exceptional one.

A choice of locations

Step into our stunning Hall, where up to 226 guests can indulge in a truly remarkable dining experience. The vaulted ceiling, adorned with exquisite portraits, creates a grandiose ambience that will leave you in awe. As night falls, candles flicker, creating a romantic atmosphere perfect for any meal, particularly a lavish banquet.

For a more intimate and informal setting, our medieval Old Common Room is the ideal spot for lunch or dinner. The anteroom is perfect for pre-lunch or dinner drinks, or you can choose to savour your drinks outside in the beautiful Fellows’ Garden. We also offer smaller private rooms for dinner parties, buffets and drinks receptions. We’re committed to making every event unforgettable, so let us help you host your next dining experience in style.

Explore catering options

Indulge in our conference catering service, where our chef’s delectable creations are handpicked for your breakfast, lunch and dinner, all tailored to your daily desires. Delve into our conference tariff here. For extravagant banquets, luxury luncheons, intimate private dinners, and special events, choose from our wide-ranging menu selections. Savour our mouth-watering three courses, accompanied by tea or coffee, starting from just £64.75 + VAT per person.

Our wine cellar boasts an impressive collection of wines, guaranteed to satisfy even the most accomplished palates. Request our wine list to discover the perfect pairing for your meal. Our catering service is equipped to cater to most dietary requirements. To complete your dining experience, we provide water, napkins, menu cards, template table plans, and place cards or diet cards.

Venues and capacity

Hall, showing benches and tables laid up for a meal


Banqueting min. 60, max. 226

Buffet min. 60, max. 226

Senior Common Room Dining Room with three long tables laid up for a meal, and chairs

Senior Common Room Dining Room

Banqueting min. 21, max. 50

Buffet min. 21, max. 50

Drinks reception min. 10, max. 120

Balliol Old Common Room dining room (photo: Rob Judges)

Old Common Room Dining Room and Anteroom

Banqueting min 10, max. 20

Drinks reception min. 10, max. 120

Massey Room showing layout of table and chairs

Massey Room

Drinks reception min. 10, max. 35

Buttery with bar

Buttery Bar

Buffet max. 100

Drinks reception max. 150

Pavilion interior, empty, looking through sliding glass doors on to cricket pitch


Drinks reception, max. 100

(Self-catering services required: email for details)

Come and see

We’re thrilled to offer you the chance to explore Balliol with Jacqui as your guide! She’s more than happy to chat with you about your requirements, answer any questions you may have and show you the spaces. Don’t hesitate to contact us via email or telephone — we’d love to hear from you!