Medicine at Balliol College

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Balliol has a strong and diverse community of Biomedical and Medical undergraduate students. The College’s commitment to the Medical Sciences is evidenced through its four Tutorial Fellows and a significant number of Lecturers, enabling comprehensive in-College teaching through the tutorial system.

Balliol boasts a lively Medical Society, which is run by its students with the aim of uniting Biomedical Science, Medical Sciences, Physiology, and Clinical undergraduates and postgraduates, and offering them the chance to hear notable speakers give talks on their areas of study. Its distinguished supporters include Sir George Alberti (ex-President of the Royal College of Physicians), Baruch Blumberg (Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine), John Blandy (ex-Vice President of the Royal College of Surgeons), Griffith Edwards (Professor Emeritus of Addiction Behaviour, University of London), Godfrey Fowler (Professor Emeritus of General Practice), Freddie Hamdy (Nuffield Professor of Surgery), Simon Kroll (Professor of Paediatrics), Sir Peter Morris FRS (ex-President of the Royal College of Surgeons), Jonathan Meakins (Professor Emeritus of Surgery), Henry McQuay (Professor Emeritus of Anaesthetics), Denis Noble FRS (Professor Emeritus of Cardiology), Oliver Smithies FRS (Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine, Chapel Hill, USA), Edward Fisher (Professor of Cardiovascular Medicine, NYU, USA), and Dick Wurtman (Professor of Cognitive Sciences, MIT, USA).

Number of places at Balliol: 4


Professor Martin Burton
Professor of Otolaryngology, Director of Cochrane UK and Research Fellow in Clinical Medicine, and Vice-Master (Executive)
Robin Choudhury
Professor of Cardiovascular Medicine and Senior Research Fellow in Biomedical Sciences
Lisa Walker
Fellow in Medical Sciences, and Tutor for Undergraduate Admissions
Manuela Zaccolo
Professor of Cell Biology, Fellow and Tutor in Biomedical Sciences
Victoria Bajo Lorenzana
Associate Professor in Neuroscience and University Research Lecturer
Ayla Barutchu
Lecturer in Psychology
Tom Cosker
Lecturer in Anatomy
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Lecturer in Medicine

About the course

Please see the Medical Sciences Division websiteUniversity’s course pages, and the course overview.

Course requirements and selection criteria

Please see:

Oxford’s Medical Sciences Teaching Centre publish annually some admissions statistics, which may be of interest to prospective applicants.

Please note that students must be 18 years of age by 1 November in the year they start this degree course. The clinical contact in this programme starts in the first term and means that younger students would not be able to take part in required elements of the course. Your application will not be shortlisted unless you will be at least 18 years old on 1 November in the year you are applying to start the course. 

How to apply to read Medicine at Balliol College

Admissions talk (Open Days 2020)