Fees and Living Costs

Admission as a graduate student is conditional on the applicant making a formal declaration that they can meet the expenses of their course. Expenses include both fees and living costs for the full duration of the course.

When an offer of a College place is made, the applicant will be sent the College’s Financial Declaration form, which states the full amount that should be available to you and gives guidance on the sort of evidence required.


There are two fees payable by all graduate students: a University Tuition Fee and a College Fee. Please consult the rates for University and College Fees.

Where the student is paying fees directly, the University and College Fees must be paid in advance at the beginning of each academic year. This rule does not apply to students receiving UK government grants whose fees are paid directly to the College; the rules may be modified in cases where a student holds a scholarship which is paid only in instalments over the year.


Graduate rooms at Balliol are banded as follows for 2017/18:









































Here is a full list of room rents for 2017/18. The College has very few high-banded rooms; the majority of our rooms are banded at D. The standard length of contract is 44 weeks. For rent due to the College, one-third is invoiced at the beginning of each term.


    Average costs for lunch and dinner in Hall are around £3 per meal, the maximum being a two-course dinner at £4.20. There is more information about Hall meals and catering costs/options here. There is some self-catering in the accommodation at the Graduate Centre.

    More information on living costs

    Please see:

    Paid work

    The University recognises that some graduate students will want to undertake a limited amount of paid work during their studies, whether as part of their academic development (e.g. teaching and demonstrating) or to help to support themselves financially. If you are considering doing paid work, please read the University’s guidelines.