Prelim celebrations 2014
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Scholarship and Exhibition Holders

For details of how the College awards Scholarships and Exhibitions to undergraduates who have excelled academically, and of the two Senior Scholarships that are awarded to graduates (apart from those graduate scholarships which are awarded as part of the admissions process), please see Financial Support. Organ scholars are elected as part of the admissions process: details about the organ scholarship are here.

Undergraduate Scholarship and Exhibition holders


Freddie King, Brackenbury Scholarship
Seth Blake, Brackenbury Scholarship
Alice Mosey, Brackenbury Scholarship
Ayesha Wijesekera, Brackenbury Scholarship
Jaya Robinson, Brackenbury Exhibition
Ellie Smith, Brackenbury Exhibition

Biomedical Sciences

Katherine Hammond, Exhibition
Chloe Taylor, Exhibition


Allison Arber, Mouat Jones Scholarship
Jinting Chen, Mouat Jones Scholarship
Lidao Li, Andrew Pang Scholarship
Louis Minion, Mouat Jones Scholarship
Naa Ntodi, Mouat Jones Scholarship
Nicole Fan, Andrew Pang Exhibition
Amy Hawkins, Mouat Jones Exhibition
Zoe Nicholas, Mouat Jones Exhibition
Joshua Sin, Brackenbury Exhibition
Keer Xing, Andrew Pang Exhibition
Lucy Weatherill, Mouat Jones Exhibition


Mungo Ferner-Robson, Jenkyns Exhibition (Classics) (shared)
Hebe Larkin, Jenkyns Exhibition (Classics) (shared)

Computer Science

Stefan Constantin-Buliga, Markby Scholarship
Filip Mihov, Theobald Scholarship
Henry Pearson, Arthur Levitan Exhibition
Lily Sowden, Donald Michie Exhibition

Computer Science and Philosophy

Jeno Suh, Arthur Levitan Exhibition
Benjamin Hack, Markby Scholarship

Economics and Management

Dhruv Sengupta, Markby Scholarship
Michael Hampshire, Markby Exhibition

Engineering Science

Eugenia Beldarrain Gutierrez, Lubbock Scholarship
William Cubitt, Jervis-Smith Scholarship
Jaewon La, Newman Scholarship
Markus Baumgartner, Lubbock Exhibition
Arese Joe-Oshodi, Newman Exhibition
Leila Legris, Jervis-Smith Exhibition
Caleb Mbanaso, Lubbock Exhibiton
Jonathan Meila, Lubbock Exhibition


Kate Greenberg, Elton Scholarship
Elizabeth Murphy, Higgs Scholarship
Kitty Ollard, Elton Scholarship

English and Modern Languages

Angus McNevin, Cecil Spring Rice Exhibition


Tristan O’Leary, Fletcher Scholarship
Oskar Bishop, Reynolds Exhibition
Clara Holcroft, Fletcher Exhibition
Mateusz Kacperski, Fletcher Exhibition
Emily Littlejohn, James Gay Exhibition
Mia Jeronimus, James Gay Exhibition
Caitlin Leithead, Fletcher Exhibition

History and Economics

Paul Dugdale, Reynolds Exhibition

History and English

Sasha Harden, Elton Scholarship
Zoe Gross, Fletcher Exhibition

History and Modern Languages

Eva Link, Fletcher Scholarship
Georgie Cutmore, Cecil Spring Rice Exhibition

History and Politics

Max Spokes, James Gay Scholarship
Henry Weeks, Reynolds Exhibition


Aleksandra-Sasa Bozovic, Arthur Levitan Scholarship
Gabrial Le Dain, Arthur Levitan Scholarship
Molly Monks, Les Woods Scholarship
Paul Scarr, Markby Scholarship
Teo Simion, Les Woods Scholarship
Sulaiman Wihba, Les Woods Scholarship
Oliver Cort, Les Woods Exhibition
Auri Guarino, Markby Exhibition
Linus Kelsey, Markby Exhibition
Paul Kim, Arthur Levitan Exhibition
Hanming Liu, Arthur Levitan Exhibition
Oliver Perree, Arthur Levitan Exhibition

Mathematics and Computer Science

Arend Mellendijk, Konstantinos Katsikas Scholarship
Joe Qian, Konstantinos Katsikas Exhibition
Andrew Shamis, Markby Exhibition
Mark Williams, Arthur Levitan Exhibition

Mathematics and Philosophy

Nicholas Wiseman, Les Woods Scholarship
Dylan Holmes Cowan, Les Woods Scholarship

Mathematics and Statistics

Lauren MacKenzie, Arthur Levitan Scholarship

Medical Sciences

Theo Heath-Coleman, Exhibition

Modern Languages

Samuel Feltham, Brassey Scholarship
Harry Lauchlan, Cecil Spring Rice Scholarship
Sam Myers, Cecil Spring Rice Scholarship
Deborah Lemke, Cecil Spring Rice Exhibition

Philosophy, Politics and Economics

Evelina Grinuite, Fletcher Scholarship
Rocco Huesch, Markby Scholarship
Emily Passmore, James Hall Scholarship
Leo Rogers, Markby Scholarship
Daniyar Voodgt, James Hall Scholarship
Amelia Wood, Fletcher Scholarship
Eva Yu, Fletcher Scholarship
Seraphine Borrie, Fletcher Exhibition
Matilda Gettins, Markby Exhibition
Calum Isaacs, James Hall Exhibition
Rohan Oyewole, James Hall Exhibition
Rosie Ward, Fletcher Exhibition


Vlad Catanea, Prosser Scholarship
Sidhaarth Kumar, Newman Exhibition
Qian Lin, Theobald Exhibition

Physics and Philosophy

Siqi Chen, Prosser Scholarship
David Danin, Theobald Scholarship
Max Heitmann, Newman Scholarship

Organ Scholar

Benjamin Gardner