Scholarship and Exhibition Holders

For details of how the College awards Scholarships and Exhibitions to undergraduates who have excelled academically, and of the two Senior Scholarships that are awarded to graduates (apart from those graduate scholarships which are awarded as part of the admissions process), please see Financial Support. Organ scholars are elected as part of the admissions process: details about the organ scholarship are here.

Graduate Scholarship holders 

(italics indicate awards made in the current or most recent academic year)

Biao Ma, Phizackerley Senior Scholar

Eleanor Kerfoot, Balliol-Bodley Scholar

Undergraduate Scholarship and Exhibition holders

(italics indicate awards made in the current academic year)

Biological Sciences

Freddie King, Brackenbury Exhibition

Rosanna Larter, Brackenbury Exhibition

Reuben Steenkamp, Brackenbury Exhibition


Jing Yee Kee, Mouat-Jones Scholarship           

Allison Arber, Mouat-Jones Exhibition

Jack Briggs, Andrew Pang Exhibition

Nicole Fan, Andrew Pang Exhibition

Louis Minion, Mouat-Jones Exhibition

Naa Ntodi, Mouat-Jones Exhibition

Joshua Sin, Brackenbury Exhibition


Harry Berry, Frazer Scholarship

Mungo Ferner-Robson, Eric Raymond Noble Scholarship

Emily Glancey, Eric Raymond Noble Scholarship

Jack Hardy, Robin Hollway Scholarship

Alex Lamb, Robin Hollway Scholarship

Hebe Larkin, Eric Raymond Noble Scholarship

Gabriel Rawlinson, Eric Raymond Noble Scholarship

Classics and Oriental Studies

Lucas Orchard-Clark, Robin Hollway Scholarship

Computer Science

Andrei Constantinescu, Donald Michie Scholarship

Filip Mihov, Theobald Exhibition                

Computer Science and Philosophy

Ben Hack, Markby Exhibition

Jack Weatherilt, Arthur Levitan Exhibition

Economics and Management

Moris Taric Afya, Markby Exhibition

Engineering Science

Arman Karshenas Najafabadi, Lubbock Scholarship

Andrew MacGowan, Lubbock Scholarship

Felix Peterken, Jervis-Smith Scholarship

Shaohong Zhong, Newman Scholarship

Zijun Li, Newman Exhibition


Ruby Nicholson, Higgs Scholarship

Georgia Watts, Goldsmith Scholarship     

Bruno Atkinson, Elton Exhibition

Penry Buckley, Higgs Exhibition

Emma Jones, Elton Exhibition

Cecilia McAloon, Higgs Exhibition

Toye Oladinni, Goldsmith Exhibition

English and Modern Languages

Tom Pigram, Cecil Spring Rice Scholarship


Jessica Graydon, Fletcher Scholarship

Frederick Lynam, Fletcher Scholarship

William Neubauer, James Gay Scholarship

Robert Chamberlain, James Gay Exhibition

Yasar Cohen-Shah, James Gay Exhibition

Elijah Ferrante, Fletcher Exhibition

Ella Higgs-Sharrock, Fletcher Exhibition

Finlay Moore, Fletcher Exhibition

Jesse Tristram, Reynolds Exhibition

Josh Willetts, Reynolds Exhibition

Samuel Woof Mccoll, Reynolds Exhibition

History and Economics

Thomas Laver, James Gay Scholarship

Bee Boileau, Reynolds Exhibition (History)

History and Modern Languages

Jojo Moss, Higgs Scholarship

History and Politics

James Matthews, Fletcher Exhibition

Meera Trivedi, Reynolds Exhibition (History)


Tanja Gunther, Brackenbury Scholarship

Tiho Svilanovic, Brackenbury Scholarship

Hannah Williams, Brackenbury Scholarship

Mick Yang, Brackenbury Scholarship

Alexander Baxter, Brackenbury Exhibition

Jake Dealtry, Brackenbury Exhibition

Leyla Manthorpe Rizatepe, Brackenbury Exhibition


George Cooper, Arthur Levitan Scholarship

Thomas Falezan, Arthur Levitan Scholarship

Kirsty Land, Markby Scholarship

Aleksandra-Sasa Bozovic, Arthur Levitan Exhibition

André Heycock, Arthur Levitan Exhibition

Sulaiman Wihba, Les Woods Exhibition

Mathematics and Statistics

Yankang Zhu, Les Woods Scholarship

Jamie Barnes, Markby Exhibition

Mathematics and Computer Science

Matthew Hillman, Donald Michie Scholarship

Daniel Rastelli, Markby Scholarship

Stefan Constantin-Buliga, Markby Exhibition

Arend Mellendijk, Konstantinos Katsikas Exhibition

Mathematics and Philosophy

Ben Elliott, Arthur Levitan Scholarship

Nicholas Wiseman, Les Woods Exhibition

​Medical Sciences

Leah Mitchell, Brackenbury Exhibition

Raghav Ramachandran, Brackenbury Exhibition

Modern Languages

Joseph Al-Khalili, Cecil Spring Rice Scholarship

Alice Camilleri Burke, Brassey Exhibition

Sam Myers, Cecil Spring Rice Exhibition

​Philosophy, Politics and Economics

Rebecca Clark, James Hall Scholarship

Sarah Duffy, James Hall Scholarship

Daniel Gonsalez Pavesio, NT Huxley Scholarship

Timothy Hunt, NT Huxley Scholarship

Michael O’Connor, Markby Scholarship

Alex Rowland, Fletcher Scholarship

Ilya Shemmer, Fletcher Scholarship

Chun Hung, Markby Exhibition

Jonathan Kabel, Markby Exhibition

Walter Li, James Hall Exhibition

Millie Prince-Hodges, James Hall Exhibition

Cerian Richmond Jones, Fletcher Exhibition

Eva Yu, Fletcher Exhibition


Robbie Ewart, Theobald Scholarship

Joel Lowther, Theobald Scholarship

Alex Hopkins, Newman Scholarship

Aakash Lakshmanan, Theobald Scholarship

Tommy Matthews, Prosser Scholarship

Ana Sotirova, Prosser Scholarship

Physics and Philosophy

Paolo Faglia, Theobald Scholarship

Imogen Rivers, Newman Scholarship

Siqi Chen, Prosser Exhibition

Max Heitmann, Newman Exhibition

Organ Scholar

Yasar Cohen-Shah