Prelim celebrations 2014
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Scholarship and Exhibition Holders

For details of how the College awards Scholarships and Exhibitions to undergraduates who have excelled academically, and of the two Senior Scholarships that are awarded to graduates (apart from those graduate scholarships which are awarded as part of the admissions process), please see Financial Support. Organ scholars are elected as part of the admissions process: details about the organ scholarship are here.

Undergraduate Scholarship and Exhibition holders

Ancient and Modern History

Laurence Young, Sir William Markby Scholarship


Ellie Smith, David Kevan Scholarship
Suhayl Kapadia, David Kevan Exhibition
Sophia Kapsalis, David Kevan Exhibition
George Lawrence, Reynolds Exhibition
Katie Wright, Reynolds Exhibition

Biomedical Sciences

Lily Collins, Levitan Exhibition
Anna-Sophia Maeckel, Levitan Exhibition
Sarah Probert, Levitan Exhibition


Nicholas Hadjipaschalis, Andrew Pang Scholarship
Amy Hawkins, Andrew Pang Scholarship
Eugenie Lumsdon, Mouat Jones Scholarship
Alex Mann, Mouat Jones Scholarship
Keer Xing, Andrew Pang Scholarship
Chloe Braganca, Andrew Pang Exhibition
Sacha Chowdhury, Andrew Pang Exhibition
Gracie Lewis, Andrew Pang Exhibition
Jack Ovens, Andrew Pang Exhibition
Amelia Todd, Andrew Pang Exhibition


Cooper Ackerly, Robin Hollway Exhibition
Oliver Ellingham, Jenkyns Exhibition
Lucy Jones, Robin Hollway Exhibition

Computer Science

Henry Masding, Donald Michie Scholarship
Matthew Zahra, Elliott Meriweather Bell Exhibition

Economics and Management

Ria Gogna, Reynolds Exhibition
Amerleen Hundle, Reynolds Exhibition
Aman Sultan, Reynolds Exhibition

Engineering Science

Markus Baumgartner, Lubbock Scholarship
Dylan Jubb, JT Hamilton Scholarship
Callum Umana Stuart, Lubbock Scholarship
Michael Channing, Prosser Exhibition
Freddie Goodfellow, Lubbock Exhibition
Jonathan Soepadmo, Prosser Exhibition
Sam Zhuang, Reynolds Exhibition


William Wilson, Elton Scholarship
Jess Cullen, Elliott Meriweather Exhibition
Myles Watson, Elliott Meriweather Exhibition


Alfie Bates, Theobald Exhibition
Caitlin Cheshire, James Gay Exhibition
Olivia Polito Pons, Theobald Exhibition
Charlotte Renahan, Theobald Exhibition
Eliska Watling, Theobald Exhibition
Mina Yucelen, Theobald Exhibition
George Gresley, Fletcher Scholarship
Megan Hassanali, Fletcher Scholarship
Michael Hughes, Elliott Meriweather Bell Scholarship
Felix Ingemarsson, Elliott Meriweather Bell Scholarship
Ben Swan, Sir William Markby Scholarship
Panagiota Yiallouri, Sir William Markby Scholarship


Keira Chen, Prosser Exhibition
Tobias Bretschneider, Les Woods Scholarship
Aditya Gaurav, Les Woods Scholarship
Auri Guarino, JT Hamilton Scholarship
Oliver Perree, JT Hamilton Scholarship

Mathematics and Computer Science

Kiran Bahra, JT Hamilton Scholarship
Joe Qian, JT Hamilton Scholarship

Mathematics and Philosophy

Dylan Holmes Cowan, JT Hamilton Scholarship
Helen Trenner, JT Hamilton Scholarship

Modern Languages

Georgie Cutmore, Cecil Spring Rice Scholarship
Deborah Lemke, Fletcher Scholarship

Philosophy, Politics and Economics

Lea Moutault, Fletcher Scholarship
Zack Simpson, Fletcher Scholarship
Abby Granholm, Levitan Exhibition
Jake Hughes, Elliott Meriweather Bell Exhibition
Noah Saunders, Elliott Meriweather Bell Exhibition
Andy Wei, Elliott Meriweather Exhibition


Aditi Chandra, Prosser Scholarship
Sidhaarth Kumar, Reynolds Scholarship
Qian Lin, Reynolds Scholarship
Matthew Sullivan, Reynolds Scholarship
Orla Supple, Reynolds Scholarship
Shannon Yu, Reynolds Scholarship
Ewan Beach, Levitan Exhibition
Luke Chu, Prosser Exhibition
Bartosz Dlubak, Levitan Exhibition
Zack Glindon, Levitan Exhibition
James Hodgson, Reynolds Exhibition
Isaac Oyarzabal, Prosser Exhibition
David Wong, Levitan Exhibition
Chian Wu, Levitan Exhibition
Naiqi Zheng, Levitan Exhibition

Organ Scholar

Benjamin Gardner