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Single Sign-On (SSO) and email

All members of Oxford University have an Oxford Single Sign-On (SS) account. Your SSO account is used to access many systems, including your email account. When you complete and return your University card form, your IT activation code and log-in details will be sent to you by email and you will be able to set up your account.

You will need your SSO credentials to:

Once your SSO account is set up, you will be able to access most buildings and staircases at Balliol, including the Library, with your University card, if the doors have an electronic lock.

You will be able to access the Balliol College intranet. Here you will be able to find useful information and to access other platforms – including the meal booking site, payment site for battels (College bills), scheduler for booking facilities such as laundry rooms and sports venues, and Hall menu – as well as areas for Senior Members and staff (if appropriate).

Manage your Single Sign-On account

You can manage your Single Sign-On account here.

If you forget your password, there is an online form which requires you to answer a security question (which you set up when you first activate your account) to allow you to reset your email password. If you forget both your password and the answer to your security question, you will need to get a rescue code from your college IT staff or the IT Services central Service Desk.


When your SSO is set up and you are issued with your University card, you will be registered automatically for the University email service, Nexus365.

See the IT Services website for information about getting onto email.

Only University IT Services (ITSS) can make changes to your email account. The Balliol ICT Department has no powers over email.


When your University Card expires, your entitlement to Oxford IT services will end, as detailed on the University’s Finishing IT use at Oxford page, which includes:

  • Expiry of your Single Sign-On account, a set time after expiry of your University Card
  • Email expiry, and setting up forwarding
  • Removal of your remote access account

Balliol student computer accounts expire when your University Card expires.

Access to Balliol systems (and buildings) will cease on the day your University Card expires.