Adam Smith, Balliol alumnus
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Economics and Management

Economics and Management at Balliol College

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Economics and Management aims to integrate the academic study of all of the concerns of modern business management in a way suitable for undergraduates. Rigorous economic analysis is therefore integrated with many other social science disciplines. First-year students in Economics and Management also study mathematics and statistics, which gives them an opportunity to take the study of these subjects beyond A‑level.

The economics course is the same as that for Philosophy, Politics, and Economics, so that students reading E&M can expect to work closely with those reading PPE. In E&M, PPE, and History and Economics, all students take the same first-year course. Those who continue with Economics in the second year (an option in PPE and a requirement on the other courses) then study microeconomics and macroeconomics. Thereafter, students can choose from a wide range of optional subjects. Economics thus offers an exciting course which may be tailored towards specialisation in any of the major branches of the discipline. The Management course offers a range of subjects including accounting, finance, information management, marketing, operations management, organisational behaviour, and strategic management. It offers an exciting range of intellectual challenges and opportunities in a thoroughly modern discipline.

Number of places at Balliol: 3.


About the course

Please see the University’s course pages, the Department of Economic website and the Saïd Business School website.

Course requirements and selection criteria

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