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Physics and Philosophy

Physics and Philosophy at Balliol College

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Among all the colleges in the University, Balliol has one of the largest intakes of Physics and Physics & Philosophy students, admitting eight to ten across both courses.

Balliol is one of only a handful of colleges to have three full-time Tutorial Fellows in Physics. Balliol has a particular commitment to fundamental aspects of Physics, such as quantum mechanics, particle physics, and theoretical physics, which is reflected in the tutors’ research interests.

Philosophy teaching is supported by three tutors and a lecturer in Philosophy.

Balliol is unique for the size of its Physics and Philosophy cohort and the tutorial support of the subject.

Number of places at Balliol: 911 (including 67 for Physics).


About the course

For information on Physics please see the Physics website, and for Philosophy see the Faculty of Philosophy website. There is also information on the Philosophy of Physics website, and on the University’s course pages.

Course requirements and selection criteria

For information on what subjects you need to study at school, please see the Physics admissions website.

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How to apply to read Physics and Philosophy at Balliol College