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Counselling and Mental Health Support

Mental health emergency

If you need immediate mental health support or someone to speak to urgently, or if you feel you may be at risk of serious harm, you can:

A number of Balliol staff (including some of the welfare team) are Mental Health First Aid trained. This means that they can provide initial support for people experiencing signs or symptoms of mental health issues, until the required external emergency service arrives.

Student Counsellor

Steph provides a confidential space in which to listen to students’ emotional concerns and issues. She is a registered counselling psychologist with over ten years’ experience, working with people from diverse backgrounds with a range of mental health and emotional difficulties. On days when she is not working at Balliol, she works at the University Counselling Service. Steph is available at Balliol by appointment on Wednesdays, 9.005.00pm, from 0th–9th week.

Oxford University Counselling Service

Any member of Balliol can access the Oxford University Counselling Service. For an appointment, please contact: counselling@​admin.​ox.​ac.​uk, 01865 270300, or visit the 3 Worcester Street office.

The Counselling Service offers confidential support; however, it is not an emergency service. It also provides supportive online self-help resources, for example, on performing academically, advice for Freshers, on anxiety, and perfectionism, along with details of educational groups and workshops.

External services

Supportive online resources