Computer Science and Philosophy

Computer Science and Philosophy at Balliol College

Balliol was one of the first three Oxford colleges to have a Tutorial Fellow in Computer Science, and undergraduate study in the subject is well supported here. All first-year and second-year core courses in computer science are taught in College. The College Library is richly stocked with study resources in Computing subjects. In addition to the Tutorial Fellow in Computation, the Fellowship includes Nick Trefethen, Professor of Numerical Analysis. The Oxford Internet Institute is also housed within Balliol.

Balliol tutors in both Computer Science and Philosophy recognise the special requirements of this joint course and work together to organise the teaching to best fit the structure of the course. With a number of Fellows and Lecturers in both subjects, Balliol guarantees good teaching and caters for a large number of options.

Computing teaching and computing students are well integrated into the broader mathematics community within Balliol. There is a flourishing undergraduate mathematical society, which helps introduce new mathematics students to the College and also organises an annual dinner with a guest mathematical speaker.

‘Many thanks for the great academic support which Balliol provided. The quality of education at Balliol and Oxford is absolutely top-notch - the contact hours were great, tutorials were challenging and enjoyable, and the syllabus was good fun. All in all I had a great time at Balliol.’ - Nicholas Buckner (Balliol 2014), who achieved a first-class degree in Computer Science and Philosophy

Number of places at Balliol: 2.


Miriam Backens (photo: Stuart Bebb)
Career Development Fellow in Computer Science
Adam Caulton (photo: Rob Judges)
Associate Professor, Clarendon University Lecturer, Fellow and Tutor in Philosophy
Edith Elkind
Research Fellow in Computational Game Theory
Alexander Kaiserman (photo: Rob Judges)
Associate Professor, Fairfax Fellow and Tutor in Philosophy
Tom Melham
Professor of Computer Science, Fellow and Tutor in Computation, and Praefectus of Holywell Manor
Rowland Stout
Lecturer in Philosophy

About the course

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Course requirements and selection criteria

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