Scholarships for Graduates

Balliol College offers numerous scholarships for graduate study every year. For admission in the academic year 2017/2018 we intend, if there are candidates of sufficient merit, to make the awards listed below. Where appropriate they may be held in conjunction with other awards, particularly those of the University of Oxford such as the Clarendon Fund, and those of the UK Research Councils.

We will consider all eligible applicants to Oxford for our College scholarships, regardless of whether or not you state Balliol as your preferred college on your graduate application form. If we offer you a Balliol scholarship we will also offer you a place at Balliol, which will take the place of any earlier college offer you may have.

Except where stated in the particulars of the scholarship below, there is no separate application process; you simply need to apply for your graduate course by the relevant January deadline (6 or 20 January 2017). Please see available scholarships with eligibility criteria below.

Not all College scholarships are available every year. The following scholarships are offered by the College, but are not expected to be awarded to new students for the 2017/2018 academic year:

  • Anderson French Scholarship: Students of French nationality, with no subject restrictions
  • Anderson Mauritian Scholarship: Students from Mauritius, with no subject restrictions
  • Anderson Norwegian Scholarship: Students of Norwegian nationality, with no subject restrictions
  • Hakeem Belo-Osagie Scholarship: Students from Africa to read any subject
  • Marvin Bower Scholarship: Students applying to read International Relations, Management or Business Studies (excluding the MBA), Economics, or Mathematics
  • Brassey Italian Scholarship: Students applying to read Modern Languages where the principal language of study is Italian
  • Eddie Dinshaw Scholarship (in conjunction with the Commonwealth Shared Scholarship Scheme): Students of Indian nationality to read for the Bachelor of Civil Law or the MSc in Economics for Development
  • McDougall Scholarship: Students applying to read Law
  • Were-Wycliffe Scholarship: Student studing the life and/or works of John Wycliffe