Printing to the College Printers

Accessing your printing account

Your printing account can be accessed at: and uses your SSO credentials for access. FYI: These credentials are what are used to access Nexus email.

On this site you can:

  • Check your printer charges
  • View your transaction history and recent print jobs
  • Request refunds if there has been a problem with a print job
  • Checking your printing charges
  • Submit supported files for printing

There is also a mobile version of the site: Here you can view your current balance, recent print jobs and release held print jobs.

The printers

We have two high-quality multifunction printers, one in Staircase III in the Computer Suite and one in the Holywell Manor Computer Room.

These multifunction printers are capable of printing, copying, scanning to email addresses and printing from USB media.

The workstations at each location print directly to those printers. It is also possible to print Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint documents, PDF and XPS files from any computer by uploading them with a web browser via

A user guide for these printers is included at the bottom of this page.

Printing charges

All laser printing is charged directly to battels. Please see table below for current charges. The printers are set to print double-sided by default. The first £1 of printing per term is paid for by the Senior Tutor.


Single side
Print per page

Double-sided print
per page (duplex)

A4 B&W



A4 Colour



A3 B&W



A3 Colour



Printing refunds

College provides the paper and will not make a reduction if you use your own paper. We do not advocate using your own paper in the printer; if nothing else you cannot guarantee that your job will be the next one out. If your paper is substandard and damages the printers, we may require recompense. As an example, if sticky labels ruin the toner drum a replacement is ~£200.

If the printers go mad, or run out of toner and produce useless output, you should request a refund through your printing account via  

To request a refund, log into your printing account and click on ‘Recent Print Jobs’. Find the job you require a refund for and click on ‘request refund’. Fill in the form detailing the refund amount and the reason for the request. Please allow two working days for a refund request to be processed. You must enter in a valid reason for requesting a refund; otherwise College reserves the right to deny the refund request.

Overcharged for printing?

Login to, where you can view your recent print jobs and request a partial refund for that particular job. You must enter in a valid reason for requesting a refund; otherwise College reserves the right to deny the refund request. We generally make an adjustment to the charge depending on where the error lies.

A printer is jammed?

In Balliol contact in the first instance, then the ICT Department.

In Holywell contact in the first instance, then the ICT Department.

A printer has run out of paper or is printing faintly

(Note the ‘Toner Low’ message on printers is to be ignored. It is a marketing ploy by the printer manufacturer! Only when physically faint printing occurs is the toner low. Extracting then shaking the toner cartridge over a waste bin will probably revive it in an emergency.)

In Balliol main site contact in the first instance, then the ICT Department. In the evenings spare reams of paper can be signed out from the Porters’ Lodge. Only the Computer Officer or ICT Department can change the toner cartridges.

In Holywell fresh paper can be obtained from the Lodge. If the toner has expired, take the empty cartridge to the Lodge to swap for a new one. The ordering of toner and paper is handled by Holywell. The ICT Department does not hold spare toner cartridges. Installation instructions are in the box - primarily note that there is a tape you have to pull out before installation!