Saturday night in the Library (photo: Piers Nye)

Library Rules

Balliol is delighted to have a Library that is open 24 hours a day. To make it work satisfactorily all users must read and abide by these rules:

1. Use of the Library is restricted to current members of the College. Readers need their University card to gain access and must swipe in and out on each visit to the Library even if the door is open. University cards must not be loaned to others, nor may non-members of Balliol be admitted. External readers may be admitted to consult unique items in our collections by prior appointment with the Librarian.

2. Readers are reminded to observe the Health and Safety recommendations on the use of ladders and kick-steps, and other Health and Safety notices displayed in the Library.

3. Readers may not borrow Balliol books for the use of non-Balliol members; nor may Balliol members borrow books from other college libraries.

4. Food (including chewing gum) and drink are not allowed anywhere in the Library, except for bottles of water and drinks contained in official Bodleian KeepCups. Bottles of ink are also prohibited.

5. Each item borrowed must be issued at the self-issue machine on the Library landing. Readers should not remove or attempt to remove material from the Library without properly issuing it, and if the alarm sounds, they are to re-enter and check out the item properly or contact Library staff. Readers are responsible for all books on their account until they are properly returned on the self-issue machine. 

6. Twelve books and/or DVDs may be held on loan at any time. Please consult Library staff if more are needed. During term the loan period is two weeks; up to four renewals are possible unless the book or DVD has been reserved by another reader.

7. Fines of 20p per day will be accrued on overdue books and DVDs, and charged to battels. The cost of replacing lost or damaged books and DVDs will be also charged to battels. If a lost book or DVD is one of a set, the cost of replacing the whole set may be charged. Delays in answering librarians’ queries about overdue or lost books may result in books needing to be replaced and a charge being made for that replacement, even if the books are later returned. Administration charges may also be imposed to cover staff time and materials wasted by an incident.

8. Deliberately defacing or damaging a book, DVD, Library computer, furnishings, or any part of the self-issue or security system is regarded as a serious offence.

9. Readers are asked not to hold conversations in the reading rooms, and all mobile phones must be switched to silent before entering the Library.

10. Readers must leave desks clear overnight to facilitate cleaning. Books, notebooks, and papers that students wish to leave out during the day must be left in a tidy pile and have a currently dated slip with them; any items without a slip may be cleared. Items such as bags, jackets, bottles, and others left overnight may be cleared and placed in lost property. Items left on ‘hot desks’ during peak times will be cleared according to posted notices. 

Fines and/or suspension of Library privileges may be imposed if these rules are not followed. If problems arise, opening times may be further restricted.