Engineering Science

Engineering Science at Balliol College

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Engineering has been taught at Balliol for about 50 years. These days Balliol is one of the largest Oxford colleges in terms of the number of students studying Engineering subjects, with approximately 30 undergraduate students at any one time. With four Fellows and two Lecturers (see below), the College ensures that a wide range of teaching and research interests is covered. Students’ learning and career destinations are comparably broad.

There is a flourishing undergraduate society for Balliol engineers, known as Beers. Beers helps to introduce new engineering students to the College and also organises an annual dinner.

Number of places at Balliol: 8.


Dorian Gangloff
Associate Professor of Engineering Science and Royal Society University Research Fellow, Fellow and Tutor in Engineering Science
James Kwan
Associate Professor and Tutorial Fellow in Engineering Science
Dominic O'Brien
Professor of Engineering Science and Senior Research Fellow in Engineering
Jin-Chong Tan
Professor of Engineering Science (Nanoscale Engineering), Fellow and Tutor in Engineering Science
Mihai Badiu
Lecturer in Electrical Engineering
Brian Tang
Lecturer in Engineering Science

About the course

Please see the Department of Engineering Science website and the University’s course pages.

Course requirements and selection criteria

Please see the University’s entrance requirements.

For information on how applicants are assessed, see the Department of Engineering Science’s admissions pages.   

How to apply to read Engineering Science at Balliol College