Professor Jin-Chong Tan

BEng (Mech) Malaysia, MEng NTU Singapore, PhD Camb
Professor of Engineering Science (Nanoscale Engineering), Fellow and Tutor in Engineering Science

Academic subject(s):

Engineering Science
  • Core subject area: Materials Science and Engineering.
  • Teaching: First- and second-year undergraduate tutorials in materials, solid mechanics, statics, and structures. Third- and fourth-year undergraduate lectures and classes in polymers and composite materials.
  • Research interests: Dr Tan’s research centres on the thermo-mechanical behaviour of nanoporous metal-organic frameworks (MOFs), nanocomposites, soft matter, and thin-film coatings. He employs nanomechanical characterisation techniques such as nanoindentation and atomic force microscopy (AFM), terahertz spectroscopy, and synchrotron radiation, in combination with computational modelling to establish fundamental structure-property relationships in complex materials.

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