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Senior Members — Quick Links

Balliol College Intranet

For information relevant to Senior Members (Fellows, Academic Visitors and Lecturers), go to the Balliol College Intranet and, within that, the Senior Members site. Below are quick links to some of the resources you can access on or from these sites. For most of these links, you will need to log in with your Single Sign-On credentials.

SCR meal booking site

See the SCR section of the Senior Members site for more information about meals, including deadlines for signing on, booking guests, mealtimes and dress conventions.

SCR arrangements for the term

Committee documentation [Fellows only]

College Officers and committees

List of meetings for the term

Room booking

Academic support allowance and other expense claims

Leave application

Teaching resources

Student lists, including allocation of Personal Tutors and College Advisers

People search: Fellows, Lecturers, staff by department

College policies

Internet and IT

Report a maintenance fault