Living Costs at Balliol


The average costs of accommodation are as follows:

  • Daily/weekly average room rate is £22.10 per day/£154.71 per week
  • Length of undergraduate contract is 189 days (3 x 9-week terms)

Your room rent will be your main expense at Balliol. Students coming to Balliol in October 2016 will pay rent each term in the range of £1,023 and £1,965 per term. In subsequent years you may pay more.

Termly charges for electricity and laundry for undergraduates living in College are variable; an estimate is £74 per term (9 weeks).

Fresher undergraduates are allocated a single study-bedroom (usually with shared bathroom facilities) on the main site for the first year. In later years there is more choice, including sets of rooms with en-suite facilities in our newest buildings.

Students are generally expected to vacate their rooms outside term time, which means that rental costs are kept to a minimum. There are two vacation store rooms on the main site where students can store belongings if necessary (these are generally intended for use by overseas students).


Average costs for both lunch and dinner in Hall are around £3 per meal, the maximum being a two-course dinner at £4.15. See these further details about meals and catering costs; this page includes information about other options for undergraduates. There is no self-catering for students on the main site.

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