Prize Holders

This page lists all those who have been awarded College or University prizes during the current academic year (including those who received awards after the end of 8th week of Trinity Term of the previous year). For details of College prizes and College subject prizes, and how and when they are awarded, please see the College Handbook.

College prizes awarded 2016/2017

A.V. Dicey Prize: James Raymond Kin Ling Yow

Bob and Jeanie Heller Prize: Emily Freeman

Chemistry Prelims Prize: Harriet Rose Moore

Conroy Prize: Hamish Andrew Campbell Hall

George Powell Prize: Felix Heilmann

Gertrude Hartley Poetry Prize: Arabella Currie

Greville Smith Prize: Amy Ford

Greville Smith Prize: Benedict Arthur Simon

Kyriacou & Sherwin-Smith Prize: Yulin Liu

Leonie Foong Prize: David Janz

Lubbock Prize: Sarah-Janes Rodgers

Modern Languages Prelims Prize: Hebe Bourne

Modern Languages Prelims Prize: Anna Irwin

Mouat-Jones Prize: Piotr Dabkowski

Nasrudin Prize (1st): Matthew Townsend

Nasrudin Prize (2nd): Charlotte Elves

Nasrudin Prize (3rd): Saloni de Souza

Periam Prize: Lily Goldblatt

Periam Prize: Jonathan Martin

Periam Prize: Jemima Sneddon

Prosser Prize: Chanan William Binzi

Prosser Prize: Jack Wheatley

Prosser Prize: Alexander Thewlis McKenzie

Prosser Prize: Zhangyou Nikki Chen

Samuel Dubner Prize: Charles Garner

Sir Raymond Beazley Essay Prize: Romain Civalleri

Thomas Balogh Prize: Sophie Large

Wurtman Prize: Tanvir Rafe

Wurtman Prize: Elizabeth Wilson

Record Half Bursary holders

(Italics indicate awards made in the current academic year)

Joshua Jesudason

Cealach McKeating

Abhijeet Tavare

Zachary Leather

Lily Goldblatt

Natasha Larcom

University prizes awarded 2016/2017

Papiya Ghosh Thesis Prize for best MPhil thesis in 2016: Michaela Mossetto Carini

Law Faculty Prize in Punishment, Security and the State for best performance in the Punishment, Security and the State paper: Marta Pantaleon Diaz

Law Faculty Prize in Medical Law and Ethics for best performance in the Medical Law and Ethics paper: Jia Ming Benjamin Mak

Hoare Prize for best overall performance in the MSc in Computer Science: David Tena Cucala

Sir Roger Bannister Neurology Prize 2015/2016 for outstanding performance in Year 5 Neurology: Thomas Aquilina, proxime accessit

GDH Cole Prize: John Maier

TeachFirst Awards