Prize Holders

This page lists all those who have been awarded College or University prizes during the current academic year and those who received awards after the end of 8th week of Trinity Term of the previous year. For details of College prizes and College subject prizes, and how and when they are awarded, please see Financial Support.

College prizes 2020/2021 

Any subject

Alec Berry, Prelims Prize
Lucy Buchanan, Prelims Prize
Polly Palmer-Jones, Prelims Prize
Lily Sowden, Prelims Prize


Henry Berry, Jenkyns Exhibition
Mungo Ferner-Robson, Samuel Dubner Prize (Classics) (shared)
Hebe Larkin, Samuel Dubner Prize (Classics) (shared)
Asher Weisz, Jenkyns Prize


William Cubbitt, Lubbock Prize
Eugenia Beldarrain Gutierrez, Kyriacou and Sherwin-Smith Prize

History and Joint Schools

Thomas Laver, Edwin George Engleby Wright Prize
Fred Lynam, Roger Hall Prize
Harry McGrath, James Gay Prize
William Neubauer, Martin Wright Prize
Josh Willetts, Kington Oliphant Prize

Mathematics and Joint Schools

William Holdsworth, Prosser Prize
Andrew McGowan, Prosser Prize
Dan Rastelli, Prosser Prize


Dhruv Sengupta, GDH Cole Prize
Amelia Wood, GDH Cole Prize
Daniyar Voodgt, James Hall Prize
Bea Boileau, Thomas Balogh Prize
Calum Isaacs, Samuel Dubner Prize (PPE)

University prizes 2019/2020

  • Emma Gattey, Beit Essay Prize for best dissertation in the Master’s in Global and Imperial History (2019–2020)

University prizes 2020/2021

  • Imogen Rivers, winner, Oxford Uehiro Prize in Practical Ethics 2021 (undergraduate category)
  • Rebecca Clark, joint runner-up, Oxford Uehiro Prize in Practical Ethics 2021 (graduate category)
  • Asher Weisz, 1st De Paravicini Prize for performance in the Latin papers in the Preliminary Examination in Classics
  • Jai Rawlings, G-Research Group Project Prize for 2021 for a well-designed educational tool they created and a clear presentation and demonstration on how this tool can be used for learning purposes (shared)
  • Jeno Suh, The Department of Computer Science Group Project Prize for 2021 (shared)
  • Preman Singh, runner-up, Peter Beaconsfield Prize in Physiological Sciences 2021
  • Gabriel Barrie: Ancient History Prize 2021 for his dissertation entitled ‘Transregional Aristocracy at the Edge of Empire: The Kinship Strategies of Late Hellenistic Dynasts, c.100 BCAD 100’, submitted for Master’s examinations
  • Zelda Cahill-Patten: Lord Alfred Douglas Memorial Prize for her poem ‘Pelias’

Final Honours Schools (FHS): 

  • Emily Glancey, 1st De Paravicini Prize for performance in the Latin papers in the FHS of Literae Humaniores (Classics)
  • Hal McNulty, Gibbs Prize for best performance in Greek literature papers in Classics