Students in the JCR

Prize Holders

This page lists all those who have been awarded College or University prizes during the current academic year and those who received awards after the end of 8th week of Trinity Term of the previous year. For details of College prizes and College subject prizes, and how and when they are awarded, please see Financial Support.

College prizes 2021/2022 

Any subject

Xander Angelini-Hurll, Prelims Prize
Levi Arden, Prelims Prize
Aditi Chandra, Prelims Prize
Sacha Chowdhury, Prelims Prize
Adam Cutts, Prelims Prize
Yixuan (Wendy) Dang, Prelims Prize
Sian Dennett, Prelims Prize
Bethan Draycott, Prelims Prize
Harry Hatchard, Prelims Prize
Molly Jenkinson, Prelims Prize
Maisie Molyneux, Prelims Prize
Matthew Shipway, Prelims Prize


Allison Arber, Greville-Smith Prize (shared)
Louis Minion, Greville-Smith Prize (shared)


Asher Weisz, Samuel Dubner Prize (first prize)
Miriam Dirnhuber, Samuel Dubner Prize (runner up)


William Cubitt, Prosser Prize
Eugenia Beldarrain Gutierrez, Lubbock Prize

Mathematics and Joint Schools

Aleksandra-Sasa Bozovic, Prosser Prize
Hanming Liu, Prosser Prize
Lauren Mackenzie, Prosser Prize

Medical and Biomedical Sciences

Matilda Pope, Wurtman Prize (first prize)
Danish Malik, Wurtman Prize (runner-up)

Modern Languages

Samuel Myers, Brassey Prize


Paul Dugdale, James Hall Prize
Matilda Gettins, GDH Cole Prize
James Keeling, Samuel Dubner Prize
Lea Moutault, Samuel Dubner Prize (proxime accessit)
Zack Simpson (proxime accessit)

University prizes 2019/2020

  • Emma Gattey, Beit Essay Prize for best dissertation in the Master’s in Global and Imperial History (20192020)

University prizes 2020/2021

  • Louis Minion, runner-up Physical & Theoretical Part II performance in the Part II Examination in Chemistry in 2021

University prizes 20212022

  • Preeti Pratishruti Dash, MSc Criminology and Criminal Justice 202122: Routledge Prize for Best Dissertation in the 202122 Examination and Roger Hood Prize for Best Performance in the 202122 Examination
  • Anupriya Dhonchak, BCL, Law Faculty Prize for Comparative Copyright and Monckton Chambers Prize in Competition Law
  • Jaya Robinson, Mary Snow Prize for Meritorious Work in Biology in second- and third-year MBiol examinations
  • Nicola Fish, BCL: Law Faculty Prize in Regulation and Law Faculty Prize in Trades, Marks and Brands

Final Honours Schools (FHS)

  • Stefan Constantin-Buliga, Final Honour School of Computer Science, Part C, Hoare Prize for best overall performance in Computer Science 2022
  • Jeno Suh, FHS Computer Science, Part B, Gibbs Prize for Computer Science and Philosophy 2022 for Parts A and B, paying particular regard to Philosophy papers; and Gibbs Prize for Computer Science and Philosophy 2022 for Parts A and B, paying particular regard to Computer Science papers
  • Samuel Myers, FHS Modern Languages (French): David Gibbs Prizes, proxime accessit for best performance in Modern Languages; David Gibbs Prizes, best performance in Modern Languages for best submitted work in ML Extended Essay Paper XIV; Gerard Davis Prize, best extended essay in French literary studies; Paget Toynbee Prize, best performance in French Paper VI; Paul McClean Prize, best performance in French sole.
  • Stefan Constantin-Buliga, FHS Computer Science, Part C: Hoare Prize for best overall performance in Computer Science 2022
  • Jake Dealtry, FHS Jurisprudence, The Prize in Criminology & Criminal Justice
  • Gyu Ho Jeong, FHS Economics and Management, Saïd Foundation Prize for the Best Performance in the Accounting Paper in 2022