Prize Holders

This page lists all those who have been awarded College or University prizes during the current academic year and those who received awards after the end of 8th week of Trinity Term of the previous year. For details of College prizes and College subject prizes, and how and when they are awarded, please see Financial Support.

College prizes


Michaelmas Term 2019

Francesca Back, Periam Prize

Bee Boileau, Martin Wright Prize

Marcos Burger Ramos, Greville-Smith Prize

Robert Chamberlain, James Gay Prize

George Cooper, Prosser Prize (Mathematics & Joint School)

Nils Deeg, Archibald McDougall Law Prize (proxime accessit)

Ella Higgs-Sharrock, Kington Oliphant Prize (History)

Jonathan Kabel, James Hall Prize

Dong Hyun Kang, Prelims Prize

Arman Karshenas Najafabadi, Prosser Prize (Engineering)

Jing Yee Kee, Greville-Smith Prize

Alex Knighton, Periam Prize

Philemon Kwok, Kyriacou & Sherwin-Smith Prize (shared)

Aakash Lakshmanan, Ken Allen Prize

Kirsty Land, Prosser Prize (Mathematics & Joint School)

Natasha Larcom, Roger Hall Prize (Science)

Natasha Larcom, Periam Prize

Lauren MacKenzie, Prelims Prize

Jonathan Mallet, Periam Prize

Stephanie McAnally, Archibald McDougall Law Prize

Stephanie McAnally, A.V. Dicey Prize

Jonathan Melia, Prelims Prize

Molly Monks, Prelims Prize

Dominic Newman, Edwin George Engleby Wright Prize

Andreea Oncescu, Lubbock Prize

Andreea Oncescu Roger Hall Prize (Science)

Millie Prince-Hodges, GDH Cole Prize

Andrew Shamis, Prelims Prize

Jesse Sigal, Roger Hall Prize (Science)

Teodora Simion, Prelims Prize

Ana Sotirova, Ken Allen Prize

Moyo Tian, Roger Hall Prize (Science)

Jesse Tristram, William Mazower Prize

William Wathey, Kyriacou & Sherwin-Smith Prize (shared)

Lucy Weatherill, Prelims Prize

Bryan Xuan, Prelims Prize

Trinity Term 2020

Bee Boileau, Balogh Prize

University prizes  


For perfomance in Moderations:

  • Mungo Ferner-Robson, De Paravicini Prize for performance in Classics Moderations


  • Andrey Levitskiy, Oxford University’s Vice-Chancellor’s Public Engagement with Research Award in the Early Career Researcher Awards category
  • James Moberly (MPhil Economics), Best Overall Performance in Year 1
  • ​Hugo Monnery (MPhil Economics), George Webb Medley Prize for Best Thesis
  • Samantha Hobson-Jones (BCL), Monckton Chambers Prize in Competition Law

For performance in Final Honours School:

  • Paolo Faglia, Gibbs Prize for performance in Physics papers in Part A of the Honour School of Physics and Philosophy
  • Matthew Hillman, British Telecom Research and Technology Prize for Mathematics and Computer Science 2019 (joint winner) for the best overall performance, with special regard for Computer Science papers
  • Jing Yee Kee, Gibbs Book Prize for Chemistry Part IB
  • Samuel Myers, David Gibbs Prize for the best performance in Modern Languages in 2018/2019 (joint winner)
  • Axel Ronquist, Hoare Prize for the best overall performance in Computer Science and Philosophy
  • Ana Sotirova, Physics prize for practical work in Part B
  • Felix Tan, Gavin Cameron Memorial Prize for Best Performance in Econometrics
  • William Taylor:
    • Dean Ireland Prize 2019 for the highest overall average in the FHS of Literae Humaniores, Classics & English, Classics & Modern Languages, Classics & Oriental Studies, Ancient & Modern History and Classical Archaeology & Ancient History
    • Harold Lister Sunderland Prize 2018 for performance in the Greek literature papers in the FHS of Literae Humaniores, Classics & English, Classics & Modern Languages and Classics & Oriental Studies
  • George Wright, Physical and Theoretical Chemistry Prize for Part II Thesis (proxime)