Students in the JCR

Prize Holders

This page lists all those who have been awarded College or University prizes during the current academic year and those who received awards after the end of 8th week of Trinity Term of the previous year. For details of College prizes and College subject prizes, and how and when they are awarded, please see Financial Support.

College prizes 2023/2024 

Any subject

Henri Abensour, Prelims Prize
Joshua Chang, Prelims Prize
Yiming Chen, Prelims Prize
Sian Farnell, Prelims Prize
Arda Goreci, Prelims Prize
Jamie Honeywill, Prelims Prize
Maggie MacLellan, Prelims Prize
Tai Milton, Prelims Prize
Olivia Polito Pons, Prelims Prize
Isaac Todman, Prelims Prize
Matthew Zahra, Prelims Prize


Lidao Li, Greville Smith Prize


Cooper Ackerly, Samuel Dubner Prize


Calin Profir, Prosser Prize
Alec Berry, Lubbock Prize


Eva Link, James Gay Prize
Oliver Khurshid, Martin Wright Prize
Caitlin Cheshire, William Mazower Prize
Zoe Gross, Roger Hall Prize (shared)
Georgios Roupas, Roger Hall Prize (shared)


Dylan Durnion, Lord Rodger of Earlsferry Prize
Sulaymaan Khalil, Archibald McDougall Law Prize; A.V. Dicey Prize
Fionn McFadden, Younger Prize
Helena Cox, Archibald McDougall Law Prize (proxime accessit, shared)
Blaine Thomas, Archibald McDougall Law Prize (proxime accessit, shared)

Mathematics and Joint Schools

Keira Chen, Robin Wilson Prize
Tobias Bretschneider, Prosser Prize
Aditya Gaurav, Prosser Prize
Oliver Perree, Prosser Prize

Medical Sciences

Sahani De Silva, Wurtman Prize
Kyle Tsang, Wurtman Prize (proxime accessit)


Henri Abensour, Ken Allen Prize
Ewan Beach, Ken Allen Prize
Orla Supple, Ken Allen Prize
Naiqui Zheng, Ken Allen Prize


Rosie Mahendra, James Hall Prize
Abby Granholm, GDH Cole Prize

University prizes 2023/2024

  • Alexandra Knighton, Sir Roger Bannister Prize 2024 for undergraduate medical students who excel in the study of neuroscience
  • Hermán Luis Chávez, Colin Franklin Prize for Book Collecting 2024 for his essay 'Atiliano Auza León and 20th C. Bolivian Art Music'
  • Angele Baum, Charles Oldham Scholarship in Classical Studies for travel abroad
  • Biba Cope-Brown, Charles Oldham Scholarship in Classical Studies for travel abroad
  • Lucy Jones, C.E. Stevens and Charles Oldham Scholarship in Classical Studies for travel abroad
  • Cooper Ackerly, 1st De Paravicini Prize for performance in the Latin papers in Honour Moderations in Classics, and Harold Lister Sunderland Prize 2024 for performance in the Greek papers in Honour Moderations in Classics