Welcome to Balliol Library

The Library is the intellectual hub of the College. It plays two main roles in College life:

  • delivering 24-hour access to the resources and working environment to support undergraduate and postgraduate study
  • collecting, preserving and promoting the College’s intellectual heritage.

Broad Street Library

The Broad Street Library offers current members of the College 24/7 access to 70,000 books, 70 current periodicals and subscribed e-books, e-journals and databases. The two inspiring, medieval reading rooms and the more intimate law library offer a variety of excellent, 24-hour study space. Friendly, professional librarians are on hand 9-5, Monday-Friday, to answer enquiries from ‘Where is that book?’ to ‘How do I avoid plagiarism?’. They also regularly provide squash and biscuits, and a chance for a chat. Follow the menu links below for information for College Members, including the SOLO library catalogue.

Historic collections

Balliol’s intellectual heritage comprises:

  • Archives and manuscripts: institutional archives, medieval manuscript volumes and modern personal papers. These are housed in the Historic Collections Centre in St Cross Road, Oxford.
  • Printed special collections: early printed books, and special collections of post-1800 printed books. These are shelved partly in the Historic Collections Centre and partly in the Broad Street Library.

These collections support the College’s teaching and research. External researchers are welcomed by appointment and a growing number of the historic collections can be explored online. School teachers interested in using the collections to support the curriculum and inspire their students are encouraged to contact the Library. The Library also periodically holds public exhibitions and talks at the Historic Collections Centre. For more information about all these things, please follow the menu links below.  

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