History and Economics

History and Economics at Balliol College

History and Economics is a thriving undergraduate degree at Balliol which draws on a range of expertise within the College and the University. Tutors encourage students to explore the many links between the two subjects.

Balliol has long enjoyed an outstanding reputation for History teaching and research. The College’s commitment to History is reflected in its provision of four Fellows in the subject - exceptional among Oxford colleges - and a Library whose holdings in the subject are second to none.

The economics course is the same as that for Philosophy, Politics, and Economics, and Economics & Management. In E&M, PPE, and History and Economics, all students take the same first-year course. Those who continue with Economics in the second year (a requirement for History and Economics) then study microeconomics and macroeconomics. Thereafter, students can choose from a wide range of optional subjects. Economics thus offers an exciting course which may be tailored towards specialisation in any of the major branches of the discipline.

Number of places at Balliol: usually 1-2, but there is no maximum quota.


Miguel Ballester (photo: Rob Judges)
Professor of Economics, Lord Thomson of Fleet Fellow and Tutor in Economics
Professor Martin Conway
Professor of Contemporary European History, MacLellan-Warburg Fellow and Tutor in History
James Forder
Andrew Graham Fellow and Tutor in Political Economy
John-Paul Ghobrial
Professor of Modern and Global History, Lucas Fellow and Tutor in History, and Praefectus of Holywell Manor
Helen Gittos
Associate Professor, Colyer-Fergusson Fellow and Tutor in Early Medieval History
Simon Skinner
Associate Professor, Keen Fellow and Tutor in History
Fred Smith
Early Career Fellow in Early Modern History
Aaron Clift
Lecturer in History
Ingrid Ivarsen
Departmental Lecturer in Early Medieval History
Rafael Suchy
Lecturer in Economics

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About the course

Please see the Faculty of History’s course pages and, more generally, the Faculty of History website and the Department of Economics website.

Course requirements and selection criteria

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How to apply to read History and Economics at Balliol College