Dr Adrian Kelly

BA MA Melb, DPhil Oxf
Associate Professor, Clarendon University Lecturer, Fellow and Tutor in Ancient Greek Language and Literature

Academic subject(s):

  • Core subject area: Classics (Literae Humaniores) and Joint Schools with Classics (Oriental Studies, Modern Languages).
  • Teaching: Homer, Hesiod, early Greek epic poetry, Athenian tragedy and comedy, Greek literature and culture of the 5th century BC. Graduate students working on several individual topics within the field of early Greek epic, including an edition with commentary on the Batrachomyomachia, and the theme of the divine assembly in Greek and NE texts from the Old Babylonian period into the first millennium BC
  • Research interests: My research is primarily concerned with the function of tradition and the evolution of early Greek poetry from the 8th to 6th centuries BC, and the development of different notions of ‘text’ during that period. I also write on the relationship between Athenian tragedy and its society in the 5th century BC. My current major project of research is an edition with commentary of the 23rd Book of Homer’s Iliad.

Awarded OUSU Teaching Awards 2012 and 2016, and a JCR Teaching Award in 2012.

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