Schools and Outreach

Balliol is committed to supporting prospective students in making informed decisions about studying at university generally, and at Oxford in particular.

Pravahi Osman, the David Freeman Outreach Officer, works with prospective applicants, schools, education professionals and parents, aiming to dispel myths and stereotypes about the College and Oxford University, in order to draw the very best applicants to study here, regardless of background. She is particularly keen to work with schools, teachers and community organisations to raise aspirations among young people, to encourage fair and informed choices regarding university admissions, and to support students and schools in making applications to Oxford.

You can find out more about the Outreach events and activities we offer on the Open Days, School Visits and Access Events pages. 

Pravahi is helped in her work by the JCR Access and Admissions Officers, who support Balliol’s Student Ambassador Scheme. Pravahi holds a valid DBS (formerly CRB) check. Balliol College subscribes to the Oxford University Code of Practice on the Protection of Children and Vulnerable Adults.

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Regional link

Under the University of Oxford Regional Links Scheme, Balliol is the named contact college for all schools in Hertfordshire. Alongside inviting students and teachers from the area to Balliol for school visits, we also organise access events in the region.  

Individual advice

If you have any questions, or if you are unable to find the information you need by following these useful links, we are always happy to offer advice to individual students, parents or teachers over the phone, via email or face to face. (Please be aware that through approaching us for advice, you will not receive any special treatment regarding an application and we will not ‘coach’ you or review any part of your UCAS form. You will receive the same advice and support if you make an individual enquiry as you would if you were to attend any of our school or public events such as an Open Day.)

The David Freeman Outreach Officer

Please get in touch with Pravahi if you would like to discuss arranging a school visit, if you have any questions about an access event or an Open Day, or if you are unable to find here the answers to any other questions you have.