Publicity Materials

Balliol College’s publicity materials are its printed publications, website, videos and social media accounts. Some of the printed publications may also be published online. Images are used in Balliol College publicity materials in accordance with the College’s image policy.

Printed publications

The following publications are published annually and sent to Current Members and alumni of Balliol:

Other occasional printed publications include:

  • Undergraduate prospectus – also published online
  • Donor reports for private distribution
  • Guide for Visitors, given to visitors when they buy tickets at the Lodge 

Website: www​.bal​li​ol​.ox​.ac​.uk 

Some links to news items on the Balliol website are included in the Alumni e‑News, which is distributed monthly to all Balliol alumni.


Available on YouTube.

Social media

Official Balliol accounts:

Twitter: @BalliolOxford 

Facebook: @balliolcollegeoxford, BalliolCollegeLibrary 

Instagram: Balliol College, Oxford

Publications and Web Officer, January 2018