Balliol College Image Policy

1, The word ‘image’ or ‘images’ is used here to mean either still photography or film/video footage.

2. All Balliol students are asked on arrival to give consent to images of them being used in College publicity materials (see 5). 

3. Photographs of Fellows and employees who have contracts with Balliol may be used in College publicity materials (see 5). Any Fellow or employee who does not wish their photograph to be used in this way may opt out by contacting the Publications and Web Officer (telephone 01865 277768).

4. For images of anyone else:

  • For individuals and people in small groups, we obtain and store written consent. 
  • For larger groups (more than 10) where it is impractical to obtain individual consent, we obtain oral consent and record that it has been obtained.
  • For events, we notify attendees in advance and on the day that photographs will be taken, and give them the option of not being photographed. 
  • We do not obtain consent when people are not easily identifiable, e.g. if they are included incidentally or are not the focus of a group.
  • With those under 18 we ask those responsible for them to arrange consent.

5. The College’s publicity materials are its printed publications, some of which may be published online, its website and its social media accounts. Read more about Balliol’s publicity materials here.

6. Balliol will not sell any of these images to a third party, although we may grant permission for their use by University-affiliated websites and circulate them to the press and other broadcast media and websites for Balliol publicity purposes. We ensure that the photographer does not use these images for any other purpose than Balliol publicity materials without separate consent having been given.

7. Images may be edited by the College or authorised agents for quality, editorial or technical purposes.

8. Consent is not time limited and remains valid unless it is withdrawn.

9. Anyone can withdraw consent at any time, either forever or in relation to a particular photograph or part of a video, by contacting the Publications and Web Officer (telephone 01865 277768). If on any particular occasion a person does not wish to be photographed, s/he is encouraged to make themselves known to the photographer and ask not to be photographed, or to the event organiser.

10. We are happy to take down any picture that has been published online if asked, but we are not able to withdraw images already published in print.

11. Under the General Data Protection Regulation, a photograph of someone constitutes personal data, and as such will be kept in accordance with the provisions of that regulation. Please see also our Privacy Policy.

12. This policy covers use of images for official College purposes as stated in 5, not what individual College members might do (e.g. students taking photographs for their own websites).

Updated January 2023

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