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Contacting the emergency services

Students confronted with a serious emergency can, if necessary, telephone the emergency services on 999 (i.e. to request emergency assistance from police, the fire service, or an ambulance). Anyone who calls 999 must inform the Broad Street or Holywell Manor Lodge immediately or as soon as is reasonably practicable when any emergency services have been called. This is important, as only then will the Lodge be able to assist the emergency services in reaching their appropriate destination.

Alternatively, students may call the appropriate Lodge and ask them to initiate bringing in the emergency services: see the emergency contact numbers below.

If you find a fire, please activate the nearest Fire Alarm Call Point and evacuate.

All Lodge Porters, the Junior Deans and the Jowett Wardens, and the Assistant Praefecti have first-aid training. Please also note that we have automatic defibrillators at both Lodges and these people are trained in its use. 

If you require assistance in deciding whether to take emergency action, please contact the relevant Lodge. If for some reason the Porter is away from the Broad Street Lodge, you can contact one of the Junior Deans or the Dean, or, if relevant, one of the Jowett Walk Wardens. If for some reason the Porter is away from the Holywell Manor Lodge, you can contact them via their emergency mobile. If one of the Assistant Praefecti, and/or the Praefectus, is needed to lend assistance, the Holywell Manor Lodge Porter will telephone them. 

Jowett Walk and the Master’s Field

There is not normally a porter on duty in Jowett Walk or at the Master’s Field. However, the rules (above) still apply: i.e. you must inform the appropriate Lodge of your decision immediately or as soon as is reasonably practicable. In addition for emergencies between 7.00pm and 8.00am you must also alert the duty Warden so they can offer assistance. All Wardens are first-aid trained.

Armed attacks

Please see the University’s leaflet ‘What to Do in the Event of an Attack by an Armed Person or Persons’.

Medical emergencies and injuries

In a life-threatening emergency, ring for an ambulance: see contacting the emergency services above.

If a student sustains any other kind of injury and requires help, contact the Nurse, or the College Doctors’ surgery (01865 240501, including access to the out-of-hours service). The Porters (see emergency contacts below) are also available to help you. You can also obtain telephone advice at any time from NHS Direct, tel. 111. There is an Accident & Emergency department at the John Radcliffe Hospital in Headington, but waiting times can be several hours, so it may be best to seek help from the College Doctors or Nurse first. The Nurse can assess injuries, close and dress cuts, and discuss the likelihood of an injury requiring an X‑ray or further treatment.

Emergency contacts

  • Porters’ Lodge (Broad Street): 01865 277777
  • Porters’ Lodge (Holywell Manor): 01865 271501 or 07826 785020
  • Dean: 01865 277777
  • Junior Deans: 07010 026478
  • Jowett Walk and Master’s Field Wardens: 07470 114665