School Visits: FAQs

When can we visit?

Schools can visit throughout the year from Monday to Friday. It is sometimes possible to visit on Saturdays however there will be restrictions on which activities can be offered. It is best to visit during the University terms for an authentic experience. It is always easiest for schools to suggest a few dates which work for them. We will always try to accommodate you.

How many students can we bring?

A group of around 1025 students works well.

Where is Balliol?

You can find visitor information here.

Where can we park?

There is no parking at Balliol. You are advised to use the Park and Ride services. Please allow extra time for travelling into the town centre. 

What do we do about lunch?

It is usually possible for the College to provide a free, 2 course hot lunch for students visiting from state schools. 

When do you need final numbers and dietary requirements by?

Two weeks before your visit.

What other advice and support do you offer?

We are always happy to advise individual students, teachers and parents. Please contact outreach@​balliol.​ox.​ac.​uk.

In addition, take a look at our Open Days , Floreat Programme InformationTalks and Events and Resources pages for more information about our access and outreach offerings.