Professor Sophie Marnette

Lic Brussels, PhD California, MA Oxf
Professor of Medieval French Studies, Dervorguilla Fellow and Tutor in French

Academic subject(s):

Modern Languages
  • Core subject area: French literature (especially medieval) and linguistics.
  • Teaching: (i) Undergraduate lectures and tutorials on medieval French language and literature; tutorials in French linguistics (history of the French language, modern French linguistics, sociolinguistics); classes and tutorials on French language (grammar, translation) and literature (first-year short texts); (ii) graduate teaching: medieval French Special Subjects for MSt in European literature.
  • Research interests: (i) Linguistic and philological approach to literary issues such as the origins and evolution of medieval literary genres, the expression of narrative voice and point of view, the relationship between history and fiction; (ii) speech and thought presentation in press, literary texts, and oral narratives; (iii) how female characters’ discourse is framed and how it is expressed in medieval French narratives (current research project).

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