Professor Christophe Fraser

BSc Edinburgh, PhD Swansea
Moh Family Foundation Professor of Infectious Disease Epidemiology and Senior Research Fellow

Academic subject(s):

Medical Sciences

Christophe Fraser is Professor in the Pandemic Sciences Institute, part of the Nuffield Department of Medicine in the University of Oxford, where he leads the theme on Epidemiology, Data and Analytics. He studies the population dynamics and epidemiology of pathogens and translates this knowledge to public health. The primary tools used in his group are mathematical modelling and pathogen genomics. Trained in theoretical particle physics, he converted to mathematical biology after his PhD in 1998. He was Royal Society URF and then Professor in the Department of Infectious Disease Epidemiology at Imperial College before joining Oxford in 2016. He was appointed Moh Family Foundation for Infectious Disease Epidemiology and Balliol Senior Research Fellow in 2022

Christophe’s recent and current topics of interest include: HIV virulence; HIV treatment as prevention; HIV genomics; pneumococcal genomics; antibiotic resistance; outbreak response; COVID-19 contact tracing apps, COVID-19 epidemic modelling and COVID-19 sequencing. In current work, he is particularly interested in improving public health in areas that reduce the risks of pandemics, and also increase the ability to respond to epidemics quickly and effectively.