College Magazine

Floreat Domus is the College magazine, which contains news and features from the Balliol community. This year’s edition, below, includes a special feature by Balliol alumnae to mark the number of women who have matriculated at Balliol reaching 2,000 in 2016; stories about students’ activities, such as drama, choir trip and an ecology project; interviews with Old Members, including a video games designer; a Fellow describing his research on the treatment of prostate cancer, another Balliol’s role in debate on the rule of law; an interview with Balliol’s boatman; articles on Balliol stained glass and a 17th-century book collection; recollections of Balliol in times past, including a 1950s motor racing club - and much more.

The magazine takes its title from Balliol’s motto, Floreat Domus de Balliolo, which means ‘May the house of Balliol flourish’.