Balliol Olympians

Richard Wheadon (Balliol 1951)The following are Balliol people who have competed in Olympic and Paralympic Games, listed by the year of the games in which they competed. There is more information on some of them here. See also this article from Floreat Domus 2012 about Balliol Olympians.

Matthew Syed (Balliol 1991)

(F) = Fellow

1904 Wilfrid Johnson, lacrosse
1906 William H. Grenfell (Lord Desborough), fencing; President of the London 1908 Games
1908 Frederick S. Kelly, rowing
1924 Alan Valentine, rugby
1924 Bill Stevenson, athletics, representing the USA
1924 David Johnson, running, representing Canada
1924 David Moffatt (F), athletics
1928 HM Olav V of Norway, sailing
1928 Wilfred Kalaugher, athletics
1932 Norwood Hallowell, athletics
1956 Eng-Liang Tang, water polo
1956 Richard Wheadon, rowing
1956, 1960, 1964 Graham Bond, gymnastics, representing Australia
1964 Jonathan Hutton, athletics (pole vault)
1964, 1968, 1972 HM Harald V of Norway, sailing
1992, 2000 Matthew Syed, table tennis
2004, 2008 Justin Frishberg, wheelchair rugby
2004, 2008, 2012 Caryn Davies, rowing, representing the USA