Finance and Support

Can I afford it?

We know that you may be concerned about the cost of studying at Oxford and Balliol, and we are committed to helping as much as we can. This page will help you work out what your costs would be and tells you (below) about the support that is available.


If you come to Balliol, your costs while you are here will fall into three main categories:

1. University Tuition Fee

All students on full-time undergraduate courses have to contribute towards the cost of their tuition each year, in the form of the University Tuition Fee. The amount of Tuition Fee depends on your residence classification (Home-EU, Islands or Overseas), which determines your fee status, and in certain cases on your course and your household income. You can find details of the University Tuition Fee here.  

If we offer you a place, we will send you a financial declaration form. This establishes your fee status, and helps us to establish how you will meet the costs of your course. It also helps us to be sure that you have applied for support as required, and to be confident that if you encounter hardship once on course, it is genuinely unforeseen.

For most home and EU students who are eligible for public support, filling this form in is relatively straightforward. The University website’s student funding section gives lots of helpful information, and we are here to help answer any questions you may have (

2. College Fee

Students with Home or EU fee status are not charged the College Fee. The College Fee for students not eligible for public funding in the academic year 2014/2015 is £7,350.

3. Living costs

You can read an overview of average living costs at Balliol here. The University also provides estimated costs for a year’s accommodation, food and living in Oxford.

Overseas students

For students from other countries the University student funding pages have more information. The University has a number of scholarships for overseas students. In addition, Balliol has some financial support for overseas students.

We will need to make sure you can meet the cost of the University Tuition Fee (see above) for the whole length of the course, and the financial declaration form will ask you to provide evidence of this (the form explains what sort of evidence we will need). 

Balliol Students’ Scholarship

The Balliol Students’ Scholarship is available to a student ordinarily resident in the UK with either refugee status or leave to remain in the UK on the grounds of humanitarian protection, wishing to study for an undergraduate degree commencing in October 2018. The recipient will need to qualify for ‘home’ fee status according to Category 9 or 10 of the UK Council for International Student Affairs. The scholarship covers full tuition fees and living costs. It has been established by the JCR and MCR Committees in conjunction with the College, and is made possible by the generosity of current students and Balliol’s Governing Body. We have been lucky to benefit from extensive matching funds from Balliol alumni: please see these further details.

Organ Scholarships

Balliol appoints organ scholars on a biannual cycle: please see this page for details.

Financial support

  • Government grants and loans are available to help with fees and living costs: see the University’s government support page.
  • Oxford offers generous non-repayable bursaries, partial fee waivers and scholarship programmes to ensure that an Oxford education remains affordable to all students: see the University’s Oxford support page.
  • Balliol is determined to provide an outstanding education for students of exceptional talent, regardless of their background, and has a number of sources of financial support available to current students. We may award some of our scholarships and financial support on the basis of the information we receive via your financial declaration form (see above). You can read a student’s experience of financial support from Balliol here (Tara).
  • See also this overview of other ways in which the College gives financial support and other benefits to its students.