Latest news from Balliol

Monday 31 May

Congratulations to the victorious W1 crew and to all Balliol boats.

Friday 21 May

Congratulations to all four Balliol competitors, Alexander Crutchett, Tomer Faraggi, Aleksandar Petrovic, and Kat Young.

Friday 21 May

Christine Rice (1988), renowned international operatic mezzo soprano, is to play Carmen at the Royal Opera House. The production will be filmed in 3D.

Thursday 20 May

The College congratulates its alumni on their election as Fellows of the Royal Society, 20 May 2010.

Tuesday 11 May

Professor Dermot O’Hare has been awarded the Royal Society of Chemistry’s Ludwig Mond Award for 2010.

Tuesday 11 May

Four Old Members held their seats, and five Old Members won seats.

Monday 19 April

Rana Dasgupta (1990) wins Best Book in the 2010 Commonwealth Writers’ Prize for his novel Solo.

Tuesday 13 April

Mark Cummins (Balliol 2001) and his fellow student James Philbin (New College) founded Plink Search Ltd in 2009. It has now become the first UK company to be purchased by Google Inc.

Friday 9 April

The Australian Academy of Science medal for 2010 has been awarded to science journalist Dr Peter Pockley (1958) for ‘outstanding contributions to science by means other than the conduct of scientific research’.

Monday 15 March

Balliol’s success in Torpids bodes well for Summer VIIIs: M1 is in the top 5; W1 is the highest it has ever been in the charts and won blades; M2, M3, and W3 bumped in every race; and W2 were unlucky, despite training extremely hard.