Early Career Fellow awarded Hänsch Prize in Quantum Optics

Tuesday 21 May 2024

Dr Raghavendra Srinivas (Early Career Fellow in Physics) has been awarded the Optica Foundation’s Hänsch Prize in Quantum Optics, in recognition of his work in creating and manipulating nonclassical states of trapped ions.

The Hänsch Prize in Quantum Optics is awarded to early-career professionals who are engaged in innovative projects with the potential to make significant impacts on both the science and applications of optics-enabled quantum technologies.

Raghavendra Srinivas’ pioneering research and novel approach to the control and manipulation of trapped ions is sure to have a profound impact beyond the traditional laboratory setting, and we wish him all the best in his endeavours,’ commented Michael Mei, co-founder and Managing Director of Menlo Systems, a sponsor of the Hänsch Prize.

Reflecting on the award, Dr Srinivas said: ‘I feel very lucky to have been selected for this award. Trapped ions are such fantastic quantum systems to work with. I want to explore even more nonclassical interactions with these systems, and to use them as a resource, for example to make measurements of time more precise. This work would not have been possible without all of my wonderful colleagues, such as David Lucas, whose support gave me the freedom to follow my scientific curiosity wherever it led me. I’m really excited to use the prize money for outreach so even more students, especially from disadvantaged backgrounds, have the opportunity to experience the beauty of the quantum world.’