Dr Vicky Neale hosts Maths + Cancer podcast

Thursday 10 November 2022
Vicky Neale
Dr Vicky Neale

Dr Vicky Neale (Whitehead Lecturer in Mathematics and Supernumerary Fellow of Balliol) is hosting a new Maths + Cancer podcast series which explores the extraordinary and unexpected ways mathematics is being applied to cancer research. In the podcasts she will talk to a range of experts in the Oxford maths community and beyond to find out more about how mathematics and statistics help the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cancer, as well as to discover more about the people behind the work.

Maths + Cancer podcast series

Philip Maini
Professor Philip Maini

In the first episode, Vicky talks to Professor Philip Maini FRS, FMedSci (Balliol 1979), Director of the Wolfson Centre for Mathematical Biology and Professor of Mathematics at the University of Oxford. He and Vicky discuss how mathematical modelling is used to help cancer researchers and doctors and help them improve the quality of life for people receiving cancer treatment, including how it can be used in calculating tumour growth and treatment scenarios; the application of modelling to treatment dosages and clinical trials; and its importance in surgical approaches to tumour and tissue removal.

Episode 1: The relevance of maths to cancer with Professor Philip Maini