New book by Professor Ian Goldin

Wednesday 05 May 2021

Rescue: From Global Crisis to a Better World book jacketProfessor Ian Goldin (Professor of Globalisation and Development and Special Supernumerary Fellow) will be publishing Rescue: From Global Crisis to a Better World on 13 May 2021 and giving an online talk about the book.

Described by the publisher as ‘an optimistic vision of the future after Covid-19’, Rescue argues that although the pandemic has wreaked havoc it also offers the potential for radical change.

Ian Goldin explains why bouncing back to business as usual would be disastrous, leading to escalating inequality, potentially more devastating pandemics and escalating climate change. He argues that just as the Second World War forged the ideas behind the Beveridge Report, which laid the foundations for the welfare state and other social and economic reforms, the pandemic provides a unique opportunity to tackle today’s challenges. Examining the impact of the pandemic on the future of jobs, income inequality and geopolitics, the climate crisis and the modern city, and providing an analysis of what is to be done, he shows how the pandemic could lead to a better world.

Professor Goldin will be giving an online talk about the book on 19 May, 5.00-6.00pm: see further details here.