Boatman retires after 44 years

Monday 29 March 2021

Steve Gaisford (photo: Rob Judges)At the end of March we say farewell to Steve Gaisford, who is retiring after 44 years as Balliol’s boatman. We wish Steve a long and happy retirement.

Steve arrived at Balliol in October 1976, when the Domestic Bursar at the time appointed him for his ‘air of calm professionalism, which was combined with his obvious underlying passion for boats and their role in making rowers perform to their best’. Balliol has had the benefit of those qualities ever since. You can read about what his job has entailed and the changes he has seen over the years in an interview in Floreat Domus 2017.

If you would like to wish send a message to Steve, please email

Photo: Steve Gaisford with his dog, Jerry Lee (photo by Rob Judges).