New book by Dr Vicky Neale

Tuesday 20 October 2020

Why Study Mathematics? by Vicky Neale - book coverWhy Study Mathematics? by Vicky Neale (Whitehead Lecturer in Mathematics and Supernumerary Fellow) will be published on 27 October.

The book is aimed at students considering maths at university, and their teachers and families. In the book Vicky explains in practical terms the range and scope of studying mathematics at university level and where it can lead in terms of careers or further study.

Vicky combines teaching pure mathematics at Balliol with work on public engagement with maths. Since arriving at Balliol as Whitehead Lecturer in 2014, she has appeared on BBC Radio 4 and television, and given numerous talks and workshops for school students as well as invited public lectures, all of which have earned her a reputation as an outstanding communicator.

Why Study Mathematics? is published on 27 October by London Publishing Partnership and available for pre-order.