An electric van for Balliol

Tuesday 20 October 2020

As part of its Balliol’s environmental policy, Balliol is committed to minimising pollution and emission in all its activities. So when the time came to replace the College’s diesel van, an electric van was the obvious choice.

The new van is a Nissan e-NV200, which has a range of 124-187 miles per charge, so it is practical for the local journeys for which it is required. It can be charged in less than an hour, and a charging point has been installed in the Garden Quad, near where the van is usually parked.

Buildings Manager Toby Christensen says the van is ‘emission free and therefore improving the air quality in Oxford, for the benefit of everyone. It is a vital piece of equipment to help deliver the maintenance needed across the Balliol estate.’ The maintenance team use it to travel to the various College sites across Oxford, including Holywell Manor, the accommodation blocks at Jowett Walk and the Master’s Field, and College properties in Mansfield Road, Rawlinson Road, St Cross Road and elsewhere.

When Oxford City Council’s starts bringing in its proposed zero emission zones (planned in phases from December 2020), electric vehicles will be allowed to travel in Oxford without incurring the daily charge.

Balliol's electric van - side view

Balliol's electric van - front view