Lodge reopens following refurbishment

Wednesday 18 March 2020

The Lodge at Broad Street has reopened, following extensive refurbishment. 

Now when people come into Balliol, they have to enter the new Lodge, which is to the right of the main entrance. This means that visitors are directed to the welcome desk, but College members are able to bypass the Porters if they wish. Entrance into the College is via a second door on the other side of the temporary wooden fence that now runs across the old porch area.

The new Lodge gives the Porters a much improved work space. The open-plan design streamlines the flow of those entering the College and allows the Porters to perform a range of roles at the same time. Other improvements include a new common room for the porters (downstairs) and updated post rooms. The JCR post room is a new area (to the left of the photo below); the SCR post room is where it was before. MCR post now goes to Holywell Manor. 

On their way out of College, people go through a gate in the temporary wooden fence. In the second stage of the refurbishment, the wooden fence will be replaced by lockable wrought-iron gates. A ramp will also be fitted to allow disabled access down into the Front Quad.

Porters in the refurbished Lodge; view including pigeonholes (photo: Stuart Bebb)

Porters in the refurbished Lodge (photo: Stuart Bebb)

Photos above (not below) by Stuart Bebb

New Lodge entrance 1

New entrance showing exit from new Lodge and temporary fence

Temporary wooden fence in the porch area of the Lodge