Restoration of paths in the Fellows’ Garden

Friday 24 April 2020

The restoration of the paths in the Fellows’ and Master’s Gardens is now complete. 
The paths had long had uneven surfaces that made it difficult both for Hall staff to wheel trolleys to the Old Common Room for functions, and for wheelchair users, for whom the Fellows’ Garden is the only route available from the Front Quad. The paths also had problems with drainage and were prone to puddling. 

Now the new resin paths provide a much smoother, drier surface, and they have been designed to allow much better disabled access. Fortuitously, the work was done while the College has been closed during the lockdown, and therefore without disturbing those who would otherwise have been working in the Library above.

New path seen through gate into Fellows' Garden

New path looking towards Chapel

New path towards the Old Common Room door

New path area by the Salvin Tower