New book by English Fellow Professor Adam Smyth

Wednesday 13 March

English Fellow Professor Adam Smyth has published a new book, 13 March 1911. Adam writes:

13 March 1911 - published on 13 March 2019 - is a prose collage of events that took place on one day in history (the day of my maternal grandfather’s birth). 13 March 1911 assembles the shreds and patches of that single day: some events grand and public, others on the smallest stage. Long-forgotten newspaper articles are juxtaposed with extracts from personal letters, theatre reviews and advertisers’ announcements, to produce the story of a day, 108 years ago. Is it a story? Are events that occur on the same day connected? When does a chronological sequence of events become a narrative? The granular account of 13 March 1911 is an act of recovery that is also an elegy for what is lost.’