DPhil student wins Journal of International Criminal Justice Prize 2018

Tuesday 5 March

Talita de Souza DiasWe congratulate Balliol postgraduate Talita de Souza Dias on being awarded the Journal of International Criminal Justice Prize 2018. The journal is the most important journal in the field of international criminal law and one of the top international law journals in the world.

A DPhil student in the fields of Public International Law and International Criminal Law, Talita won the prize for her article ‘The Retroactive Application of the Rome Statute in the Cases of Security Council Referrals and Ad Hoc Declarations: An Appraisal of Existing Solutions to an Under-discussed Problem’, 16 JICJ (2018) 65-89. 

On awarding her the prize, the Board of Editors said they were ‘especially impressed by the insightful manner in which [she] dealt with the jurisdictional and substantive functions of the ICC Statute and the excursus to analogous problems within the context of inter-state cooperation’ and congratulated her ‘on a fine scholarly contribution to the theoretical understanding of ICL’. 

Talita says that the article resulted from the first years of her doctoral studies at Balliol. ’I feel very proud and happy to be a member of Balliol’, she says, ‘and I wouldn’t have been able to achieve this without the academic, emotional and financial support that the College and its members have provided me in the last three years or so.’