Career Development Fellow receives Distinguished Paper Award

Monday 14 January

Ohad Kammar (photo: Rob Judges)Former Balliol Career Development Fellow Ohad Kammar has received a Distinguished Paper Award at the Association for Computing Machinery’s annual Symposium on Principles of Programming Languages.

The paper is published in the Proceedings of the ACM on Programming Languages, which Ohad describes as ‘the top-tier general-interest publication for programming languages’. Distinguished paper awards highlight papers that the program committee thinks should be read by a broad audience because of their relevance, originality, significance and clarity. They are awarded to at most 10% of the accepted papers (6 awards out of 77 accepted papers this year). Distinguished papers underwent an additional review process after they were accepted.

The paper (Matthijs Vákár, Ohad Kammar, and Sam Staton, ‘A Domain Theory for Statistical Probabilistic Programming, Proc. ACM Program, Lang. 3, POPL, Article 36 (January 2019), 35 pages) is available to read here.  

Ohad says: ‘I am particularly pleased about this achievement, because it was completed entirely during my Career Development Fellowship. The long duration of the Fellowship, and the careful balance between research and teaching loads, were crucial in allowing me to focus on an ambitious problem and help solve it. Thanks again for giving me this opportunity.’

Ohad has now left Balliol for a position at Edinburgh University. Dr Miriam Backens has joined Balliol as Career Development Fellow in Computer Science.