Fellow wins Suffrage Science award

Monday 8 October

Vicky Neale (photo: Jennifer Balakrishnan)Dr Vicky Neale (Whitehead Lecturer in Mathematics and Supernumerary Fellow) has won a Suffrage Science award in maths and computing.

The awards celebrate women in maths and computing, and the purpose of the awards is to encourage others to enter science and reach senior leadership roles. The scheme is run by the Medical Research Council’s London Institute of Medical Sciences. The awards occur every two years and the awardees are nominated by the previous holders. Vicky was nominated by Professor Dame Celia Hoyles, University College London, who gave her reasons for her nomination as follows:

‘I chose Vicky Neale as my nominee for the award as she is to me an exemplary mathematics communicator. She conveys the beauty of the subject with enthusiasm and authority, bringing quite complex ideas within the grasp of everybody. In her latest book, she provides a glimpse into how the international mathematical community has worked together to make breakthroughs on the Twin Primes Conjecture … a tale of public collaboration with fascinating results.’

The awards themselves are items of jewellery, inspired by the Suffrage movement, and are passed on as heirlooms from one female scientist to the next. Vicky is one of eleven scientists from across the UK who will be presented with the award at the Suffrage Science awards ceremony held at the British Library, London.