Events at Balliol

Balliol Chapel: 16 November 2017, 5.45pm

Dr Alex Popescu, ‘Soviet Supermen and the Autistic State: Discovering Romanian Art in Tasmania’; 5.30pm wine

XXI.8: 16 November 2017, 1.00pm

David Sehat, Visiting Professor of Americal Government, ‘Originalist Fallacies: The role of religion in American public life and our flawed discussion of the Founding Fathers’

Old Archives Room, Balliol: 15 November 2017, 5.15pm

Professor Claire Jarvis (Oliver Smithies Lecturer and Visiting Fellow), ‘Edith’s Two Bodies’

Balliol Hall: 12 November 2017, 8.30pm

Endellion Quartet

Balliol Chapel: 12 November 2017, 5.30pm

The Very Revd Michael Sadgrove (Balliol 1968) (Dean Emeritus of Durham Cathedral)

XXI.8: 9 November 2017, 1.00pm

Ron Katz, Transgender Issues

Balliol Hall: 5 November 2017, 8.30pm

Anne Schwanewilms (soprano)

Balliol Chapel: 5 November 2017, 5.30pm

The Rev’d Professor Judith Brown, Fellow Emeritus of Balliol

XXI.8: 2 November 2017, 3.45pm

Kate Raworth (Balliol 1990), Doughnut Economics

Balliol Chapel: 1 November 2017, 6.00pm

Joint service with Trinity College