Events at Balliol

XXII.8: 22 February 2018, 1.00pm

Dr Rudina Jasini, on victim participation in international criminal justice, with a particular focus on the victims of the Khmer Rouge

Balliol Hall: 18 February 2018, 8.30pm

Featuring a variety of works by Balliol members and friends

Balliol Chapel: 18 February 2018, 5.30pm

The Revd Tom Albinson, Associate Priest, St Giles’ and St Margaret’s Churches, Oxford

Old Archives Room, Balliol: 15 February 2018, 5.00pm

Dr Sara Miglietti, ‘Are We Products of Our Environment? Early modern “climate theories” and the problem of human agency’

XXII.8: 15 February 2018, 1.00pm

Dr Brenda Kelly: ‘FGM: Right to Care’

Balliol Chapel: 11 February 2018, 5.30pm

Professor Judith Champ, Director of Studies, St Mary’s College, Oscott

Lecture Room XXIII: 9 February 2018, 8.30pm

Endellion Lecture Recital (note day and location; time to be confirmed)

Balliol Chapel: 9 February 2018, 8.00pm

Inspired by the works of da Vinci and Caravaggio, the concert will explore the ways in which composers have represented the unique interaction between darkness and light through music.

Open to all.

XXII.8: 8 February 2018, 1.00pm

Dr William Zwicker, Oliver Smithies Lecturer and Visiting Fellow: an interactive demonstration and exploration of his software which models voting theory and social choice.

Balliol Hall: 4 February 2018, 8.30pm

Anna Dennis (soprano) and Emma Abbate (pianist)