Dr Max Marcus

BSc Bonn, MSc Oxf
Lecturer in Chemistry

Academic subject(s):


I have been at Balliol for almost a decade and currently teach the Mathematics and Physics for Chemistry lecture courses, as well as the Quantum Mechanics Supplementary subject on the MChem degree course. In the University I lecture on Quantitative Biochemistry as part of the MBioChem course.

My background is in chemistry, with an undergraduate BSc from the University of Bonn, Germany, followed b y an MSc in Theoretical Chemistry and a DPhil in Physical & Theoretical Chemistry from Oxford. For both these Professor W. Barford was my supervisor, who is now my colleague. After completing my studies I moved for a postdoc to the University of Warwick, working on Quantum Information Theory in the Physics Department there, before returning to Oxford for a postdoc and moving on to the group of Prof G Scholes at Princeton University.

I now focus on teaching and so no longer pursue any active research, but I keep abreast with the field. 

I am also Departmental Maths Education Specialist in the Department of Biochemistry.